As of today, the conditions outside are still not good. COVID-19 has forced all of us to stay far from each other and inside our houses for our safety.

Being quarantined is the way to stop this virus from spreading as much as possible. But due to this quarantine, boredom has been striking at its peak. There isn’t much to do at home which is driving everyone crazy.

Now that everyone is stuck at home due to the pandemic situation, Netflix seems to be the best rescue to the boredom that comes with being quarantined. Netflix has hundreds and thousands of different shows, movies, and documentaries that a person can watch and enjoy 24/7.

But there is a problem that almost each of us is facing these days, and that is choosing the best option among thousands of available options. Having so much content to binge does create confusion.

You must have spent hours searching for the perfect show or movie to watch according to your likings. It is quite frustrating to spend so much time searching then eventually, you lose the interest to watch anything.

Don’t worry because there’s a hidden secret through which you can find content just according to your taste on Netflix in no time. You only see about 100 titles on the home page of Netflix but in reality shows and movies are broken down into categories and sub-categories.

You aren’t able to access those subcategories because you only see the content Netflix recommends according to the shows and movies you have already watched. But now you can search all those subcategories in no time if you learn the secret behind it.

There’s a website named “ogres crypt” on which hundreds of subcategories are listed which assists you in finding series titles and movies. Some of the sub-genres or categories include independent foreign films, teen drama, classic, western, thriller movies, romantic movies, horror movies, and Italian movies, etc.

Confining yourself and not meeting anyone can become quite lonesome and depressing. The tragic news of COVID-19 and its effects can add up to your misery in this crucial time, Netflix is a great tool to keep yourself entertained and to find content that can lighten your mood.

It has almost all genres so you can find the content according to your mood anytime.