Everyplace which could have people gathered in it was shut down and the world was locked down. For months people have been quarantined and strictly practicing social-distancing to keep themselves and others safe.

Many countries have seen progress and New Zealand has completely lifted the lockdown and social-distancing protocol and other countries are also doing the same.

Indeed, even as the world keeps on going combating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a few nations, where the day by day development of new COVID-19 cases has decreased, are starting to find a way to ease lockdown gauges to permit residents to move openly without precedent for weeks and to restore the economy.

Disneyland, the dream of every kid, even adults, has been shut down for months due to pandemic. However, now that the restrictions are loosening up the authorities have decided to open Disneyland although not completely. Some parts of the theme park at the night time will stay shut until complete eradication of the coronavirus.

It is expected to reopen in mid-July. They are yet expecting approval from the state and local governments. Yet they announced in a press release last week that the Disney theme parks like Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and resorts will probably reopen in mid-July. They are also trying to get approval to open the Downtown Disney Region in early-July.

The other Disney franchise hotels, spas, and resorts will open later in July or maybe in August. Due to current circumstances, there will be limited visitors to follow the social-distancing rules. They have established a new system to comply with the state rules of COVID-19.

All the visitors even the ones with annual passes are expected to reserve beforehand and then visit Disney Park. Disney management has put a hold on the new tickets sale and also on the renewal of annual passes to get the reservation system to function properly.

Once they manage through the reservation system the parks will reopen however the parades and nighttime extravaganzas will be unavailable. The Disney movie characters will be seen in the parks however the social-distancing protocol will be followed here as well and there will be no meet-and-greet.

Disney will have a team there scattered in the whole park to answer any queries about the new policies. Extra cleaning and health safety protocols will be followed and implemented throughout the park. Despite all the restrictions still in place, the kids will have somewhere to go after months of confinement.