Receiving gift cards for your favorite store is probably the best gift you can get. If you are a person who has ever received one, you will understand how it even surpasses a pre-bought gift. You have a choice to buy whatever you want without paying. Amazon as a seller is a place that has an innumerable amount of products you can purchase, thus an Amazon gift card is worth a lot. The question many ask does Amazon gift cards expire, and the answer to this is no.

As a gift-giver too, a gift card takes away such enormous pressure of deciding what to gift to someone. And you make them happy regardless. Coming towards Amazon gift cards, they are some of the most usable gift cards. You can buy it for any amount from $0.50 to $2,000, making it a largely flexible option that you can choose according to your need or preference.

It is clearly stated on the Amazon website that the gift cards you purchase from them do not have an expiry date. Meaning you can utilize the money from the card anytime you want, with no pressure to use it before the due date. The balance from a gift card is transferable to your account too.

There are terms and conditions to all kinds of customer benefit programs, whether it’s a loyalty program or a gift card. Amazon’s gift card rules are on their website, from imitations to price range and much more. However, the main Amazon web page is restricted for US users only, therefore if you are a customer from another country, try to find the relevant Amazon site. Here are the answers to some of the questions people wonder about:

What happens when you do not use the gift card?

If you are confused about what happens if you do not use your gift card, then let this article be your guide to understand how that works. Your money sits in your account until you get ready to use it. Your Amazon account keeps track of all the activities that occur and the amount you transfer to your account through a gift card stays there unless you use it. Since you can redeem it whenever you want, it can be split between multiple purchases as well.

Even though there is practically a life-long eligibility for an Amazon gift card, it is smart to activate your card as soon as you get it. Whenever you feel like using the balance, just make sure you use it while checking out. This way your card balance will be secured in the account in case you lose the card.

Is the same redeemable policy applicable on other gift cards from Amazon?

To answer another question on whether that is applicable for all the other gift cards on Amazon, no this is only true for Amazon’s own gift card. If you are not aware, Amazon has a wide variety of options for gift card offers from popular businesses and stores. This is because Amazon has a lot of business collaborations and partnerships. But this does not translate to the same gift card policy like Amazon. The respective businesses have their own terms and conditions and they are all available on the website where they are listed.

The list of those stores and businesses includes Starbucks, Regal Entertainment, Sports Authority, Applebee’s, Forever21, WholeFoods, Gamestop, Sephora, and many more. The list is very diverse and you have a large number of options. But make sure you keep in mind that Amazon’s gift card policy only applies to its own gift card options. If you are buying another gift card from any of the partner businesses or stores, check their policies/terms and conditions to learn more.

What are the various types of Amazon gift cards?

To make things even better, Amazon introduced a way to write personalized notes to whoever you are gifting the card to. People often remain confused before the gift cards as to what gift they might give to someone. Amazon sorted out this issue by introducing personalized cards for different occasions. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, housewarming, Valentine’s, retirement, Mother’s/Father’s day, wedding, baby shower, and whatnot.

On many of these occasions such as birthdays or baby showers, you have little or no clue what they would want that someone else has not already given them. Buying a personalized gift card makes perfect sense.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card?

Depending upon the device you are using to redeem your card, the process might be minutely different. For phone, use this method:

  • Open the Amazon website on your browser or download the App to make things easier
  • On your top left, you will find the main menu under the triple line menu sign
  • Go to the ‘Payments’ category from that list
  • Find ‘Your payments’ from the payments category
  • In your already added payment methods, you will find Amazon gift cards until your scroll down completely
  • Find ‘Redeem a gift card’
  • Put in the pin and gift card number you received and the amount will be transferred into the account

For desktop, follow these steps:

    • Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account
    • Under ‘Hello’ on your right, you will see ‘Account’, click on that
    • You will see ‘Your Payments’ in the myriad of actionable options in that list
    • In your payments, you will find all the previous payments methods and the ‘Amazon gift card option
    • Click on the ‘redeem’ option and continue putting your details in

Is it possible to cash out Amazon gift cards?

Delivering bad news after good news seems like a bummer, but the answer to the above question is no. Even though the firm provides many flexibilities in terms of payments, being able to cash out the gift card is not one of them.

You can hack your way around it if you haven’t already activated the amount on your account and find a buyer who might take it from you. Many people try to use the return action in order to get cash for the value of the gift card. But according to Amazon policies, you cannot return your gift card once you have bought/received one.

There is a process to un-redeem the gift card balance after redeeming it, but you need the help of Amazon’s support staff for that. Granted, this too is only possible in case you want to transfer the amount from your account to another Amazon account. This explains why you still would not be able to cash it. There is a very minor chance you might be able to return your Amazon gift card after buying it, considering your case is rare. But this is not usually the case, therefore you should consider it when buying the gift card.

You can use the gift card for all products listed on Amazon, including Amazon Fresh.

Since that is an extension of Amazon itself, it doesn’t have its own gift card option. Lastly, to end it, every online service or retailer has its own set of rules that help them run the business adequately. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you go ahead with buying from Amazon. In case you still have any confusion regarding how to use it and if Amazon gift cards expire, the customer support team at Amazon can help you.