Do you think of any other name than Amazon today for online international shopping? We bet not. Not only do they work on delivering fashion accessories but they work to deliver each and everything online. But does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Well, if a platform is too reliable and popular due to its deliveries, then why wouldn’t they deliver on holidays??

There was a time when Jeff Bezos’s Amazon company only dealt with books and DVD’s. It was the fall of 2004 when Amazon came under siege from many of its competitors like Best Buy, which was on the expansion mode with the 17% annual growth. Amazon also faced lawsuits and outrages from both its customers and the press.

The same time, Amazon was worth $18 billion much behind its biggest online competitor eBay worth $33 billion. After 15 years, Amazon is worth $900 billion which may be the reason for providing valuable service and payment divisions. Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime is one of the biggest reasons for this.

Coming back to the primary question, does Amazon Deliver on Sunday – Yes, but there would be some limitations. What are they? Let’s find out.

Two of the main aspects that determine whether you might receive your order during the last day of the week are the time and the size of your order. Since the scale of Amazon’s deliveries is too large, they outsource their deliveries to USPS, the U.S postal service, for Sundays. The postal service therefore, covers deliveries on some days. But that is limited to Sundays only, thus you should not expect any other deliveries on Sundays because USPS as a regular postal service mostly does Amazon orders on that day. It also costs more to get things delivered on Sunday even if it’s the national U.S postal service itself.

An Amazon Sunday delivery is reserved. Unless you are a rare lucky case, non-prime account users should not expect to receive any Amazon deliveries on Sunday. The delivery is still free and reaches you within 5-8 days with the exception of Sunday. The easy way to get Amazon delivery on Sundays would be to just by Prime.

Let’s address a few things regarding Amazon deliveries:

  • Sunday deliveries and independent couriers

Another thing about Amazon’s efficient delivery service is that they do not fuss up over keeping the operations within the firm’s grounds. Due to high demands, and large orders, they hire independent drivers that could do the job of a courier. This is how you get to have Amazon deliver on Sundays on occasion.

If your delivery person is among any of those independent contractors, the chances of receiving your package on a Sunday are higher. They choose specific locations/routes, however, which can not be made sure at a customer level.

They work Sundays because generally, these folks have full-time jobs in other places. And because Amazon only needs them for part-time work, they only hire when there is a high volume of orders. They usually handle the smaller items too, meaning a big order is less likely to be delivered by an independent contractor, and on a Sunday.

Another thing that factors into your order delivery day is whether you live close by to an Amazon warehouse. Living is, of course, synonymous with whatever address you have for your order delivery. This can depend upon whether the warehouse in question has the product that you ordered in stock.

It is evident how much Amazon values customer satisfaction with all their business values and how they prioritize certain aspects, such as the delivery process. This is why, if your order is placed around the holiday season, it is most likely to arrive on time, even if it means Sunday deliveries. Amazon ramps up its delivery staff further for that time period in order to meet the demand.

  • Same-day Amazon Sunday delivery

You get your money’s worth with Amazon, whether as regular members or prime members. Depending on your Amazon account, your delivery is prioritized accordingly. Having an Amazon Prime account comes with a variety of benefits, one of which is priority and Amazon easily delivers on Sunday. Since this is kind of a premium version of Amazon, prime members receive advanced services.

Apart from that, Amazon Prime account holders are also eligible for same-day deliveries. Granted that this covers some specific products such as Amazon’s own branded goods etc. The same-day delivery depends on what part of the country you reside in, but mostly it delivers on Sunday. This is valid even if the day you place the order is a Sunday.

  • Sunday deliveries to lockers

Another practical proof of Amazon’s amazing customer-oriented policies is its Lockers program. It is a self-service pickup and returns storage option where customers can order their Amazon packages to be delivered and pick them up whenever feasible.

They have located in easily accessible convenience stores for customers to reach them with ease. This service is not available to all regions in the US, but you can check if your state has it on the main website.

Having your Amazon packages delivered to any of your lockers increases your chances of getting the order on a Sunday. All you need to do is make the request and retrieve the package from the locker within 3 days since after 3 days it gets sent for an automatic refund as a policy.

How and where does Amazon Prime deliver on Sundays?

Amazon launched its Amazon Prime services in 2005 as a membership service offering free two-day shipping within the US. In many areas of the continental United States, Amazon prime deliveries are available. Amazon usually delivers packages through its carrier network and partner delivery services to major cities and connected metro areas.

Amazon ships Sunday deliveries through UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service). They are logistics partners of Amazon, especially for Sunday deliveries. The packages are delivered to USP and USPS to handle the deliveries to nearby locations on Sunday.

Other than delivering priority letters and packages, USPS and USP deliver only for Amazon on Sunday. This means that if you are expecting your package to be delivered on Sunday, then apart from Amazon, you can call USP or USPS to confirm your delivery on Sunday.

The best thing, there are no restrictions on placing orders for Sunday deliveries. All sorts of items, i.e. electronics, toys, books, households, school or office supplies, food products, and gifts are some of the options to shop through Amazon Prime.

Can you choose Amazon Prime Sunday Deliveries?

Once you log in to your Amazon Prime Account, a Sunday delivery option will appear on all the items eligible to be delivered on Sunday. While browsing these products you can select the delivery dates for Sunday either it’s after two days or for expedited delivery.

If some products don’t show the option, this means they are not available on Sunday or in your area. To get them, you may need to select a different date and time.

Are Sunday deliveries free on Amazon Prime?

Depending on the time of placing an order, Amazon Prime members can expect to get free deliveries. But is it free on Sunday??

Well, if you are an Amazon Prime member, placing orders on Thursday and Friday can grant you a free delivery for two days. Non-Prime members on the other hand may need to pay extra if they want weekend deliveries. But how much? it depends on the seller and of course, the item(s).

It is also possible to opt for same-day or one-day delivery options. But for this, you may need to pay extra. To confirm weekend shipping on items without an option for Sunday, a fee of $7.99 would be charged on every item.

The best option to save and ensure that your package delivers on Sunday, place your order when there is enough time to reach your doorstep. All the relevant details of delivery and pricing options can be seen on the product page. Therefore, you can easily opt for the option that will meet your schedule.


At Amazon, you can find a number of delivery options to get your package right in front of the door. Also, you can avail free delivery options if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

As long as a Sunday delivery service is available in an area, both Prime and non-Prime members can have their packages delivered on Sunday.

Hope this helps clear out any confusion regarding ‘Does Amazon deliver on Sunday or not’. For any additional questions, check out Amazon’s website policy section.