Presidential pardons are being given and people are bribing for this purpose. The Department of Justice is keenly observing the entire situation and has started an investigation.

It has been alleged that lobbyists are trying to bribe to get their way for a presidential pardon. DOJ has not yet identified the lobbyists and nor the government officials who may have been involved in bribery.

Investigations are ongoing but there is a potential threat that presidential pardons are being given on bribery. All the information will be revealed once the case will be presented in the court after a thorough investigation.

The government is trying to access the communications between the lobbyist and the government officials. This means that they are looking into something suspicious regarding this case.

President Trump, however, in a public appearance claims that he can give as many pardons as he wants. This statement of Trump puts a question mark on the investigation as the White House has not said anything.

 The Possible Connection Between Presidential Pardons And BribesThere are certain communications between the lobbyist and the White House officials that are with the investigators. It will not be long that these communications will be made public and everything will be clear then.

Presidential pardons can only be given to the cases in case of federal crimes and not for local crimes. Donald Trump must ensure that he is not giving away presidential pardons as a part of his escape scheme.

There are reasons to believe that he is trying to get presidential pardons for his family and close friends, although Trump has denied any sort of presidential pardon being given to his family.

Whereas Rudy Giuliani is also among those people who have sought presidential pardon, Giuliani has denied all the allegations about him seeking presidential pardons and claims it to be baseless.

Understandably, Trump is trying to save his family from any criminal hearing in the future. He is trying to get immunity for his family for the coming years as Biden takes over as president.

DOJ is still looking into the matter and has issued some redacted documents with the ongoing investigation. Although DOJ has not been clear on who is being investigated at the moment.

It is too early to say that any government official will be under a strict investigation process. DOJ has also denied that there is any government official under investigation right now.