Dollywood – the theme park of Dolly Parton has announced exciting news that will bring joy to everyone attached to the theme park.

Herschend Enterprises, the company that is the parent owner of Dollywood along with Dolly Parton has announced that it will be covering the educational expenses and tuition fees of their employees under the newly introduced program – Grow U.

According to the details, the president of Dollywood Eugene Naughton stated that the program called Grow U is all about caring for the employees who have been associated with the company and helping in passing on the care to the valuable guests.

The reports stated that the employees at the Dollywood theme park located in Tennessee as well as at other locations across America will be eligible to benefit from this program regardless of their job titles.

Eugene Naughton further added ‘One of The Dollywood Foundation’s key tenets is to “learn more.” This program is created with that very tenet in mind.

“We want our hosts to develop themselves through advanced learning to fulfill the foundation’s other tenets: care more, dream more, and be more.

‘When our hosts strive to grow themselves, it makes our business and our community a truly better place.’

 The CEO of parent company Herschend, Andrew Wexler also confirmed this news in a separate statement. The statement said ‘Whether it’s to pursue a new dream or advance their career with us, we care about our employees’ personal and professional growth, because we believe that their futures should be grown with love, not loans.

‘Our team members’ success is our success – and that’s why we’re thrilled to make this benefit available to all, regardless of their role in the company and without the burden of debt.’

It is expected that the program will officially kick off on 24th February 2022. About 11,000 employees of Dollywood across the country will be eligible to benefit from the said program.

The original Dollywood theme park was first opened in 1961 but it underwent different transitions before finally opening up as Dollywood in 1986. It has since then been running and brings smiles to the faces of Americans across the country.