Dolly Parton left her fans startled after it was revealed this week that her new TikTok account is fake.

The iconic singer Dolly Parton joined the popular app last weekend. The decision to join TikTok took her fans on a rollercoaster as some delightedly expressed their joy on social media.

The social media saw a video of Jolene, saying, ‘Why hello, I guess I’m on TikTok! I just dropped in to say everything’s gonna be OK, you keep the faith.’

However, unfortunately, the account of Dolly Parton only existed for a day before it got removed. The spokesperson of the 75-year-old iconic singer revealed to social media that the account was fake.

‘One of the Islands In The Stream’ singer’s representatives stated today that the TikTok account got deleted because Dolly Parton did not make it.

They further explained that a fan retrieved her video from the legend’s Imagination Library and ‘doctored it’ for TikTok.

It appears as if the Imagination Library is a program that gifts books to children – the website says.

Dolly Parton’s representatives asked the TikTok users to “Take a closer look” at the video, which has now been officially removed from the platform.

It is yet to be clear if Dolly Parton herself complained about the fake account through her representative or if TikTok decided to do so.

The video removal has Dolly Parton’s fans feeling disappointed and betrayed, as some of them have tweeted:

A TikTok representative also confirmed that the platform took the video down for violating community guidelines regarding impersonation.

Before the account was deleted, it had already reached 680,000 followers and one million likes – reported People.

Dolly Parton herself has not made any public statement neither on Twitter nor on Instagram. Let’s hope she chooses to make her official TikTok account in the future.

Dolly Parton’s fake account removal left her fans in shock as one wrote, ‘The number of trolls I’ve (and other creators) have reported on TikTok and somehow they choose to ban the Pride of America, Dolly Parton.’

‘Why hello, I guess I’m on TikTok! I just dropped in to say everything’s gonna be OK, you keep the faith.’