Former President of America, Donald Trump knows how to stay in the limelight. It’s been more than six months since he left the White House as president, he is still in news and keeps on causing tremors in an otherwise docile political environment.

Donald Trump is taking advantage of the growing differences between the President of America; Joe Biden and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, who served his last days under the Trump presidential administration.

The law enforcement agencies and the House of Congress are already combating the consequences left behind Trump in the form of ripped election allegations, the Capitol building riots, and countless other lies.

The ripped election of November 2020’s allegations gained momentum and in no time was supported by the majority converting it into widespread news of substance. Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman dived into the feud indicating that he also perceived the same notation that the elections if not ripped were administered by certain bodies which influenced the overall outcome in the form of victory of President Joe Biden.

Trump has been propagating the poison among the general public of America since he left office. He has been fraudulently propagating against Biden.

The latest episode of Governor Gavin Newsom’s landslide towards Donald Trump has brought him back into the limelight. Even though Democrats believe that they finally defeated former President Donald Trump in the race of popularity in the governor Gavin Newsom blowout in California, they might have been mistaken as Newsom openly endorsed Trumpism. The Elder’s dominance in the candidate’s dominance made the game go upside down. The logo of Trumpism was surely sold out amongst the supporters who wanted Newsome to get lost but it was not well settled among the democratic voters and the independent individuals.

This narrow win in California is a true blow for the Democratic lawmakers and they should be concerned about the popularity of Trump which only soars. Even though Donald Trump has not officially announced whether he will be running for presidential elections in 2024, the way wind is blowing – this might be evident in the upcoming days.

There is no specific indication that any fraud occurred. However, this is much indicated by Senate President Pro Tempore last year following the election. He indicated that the way the election was administered should be reviewed again.

The development in Pennsylvania in the recent efforts to attempt to relegate the result of the 2020 election with the baseless claims of the widespread voter fraud that was propagated by Trump.