Donald Trump has rejected all the speculations of him teaming up with Mike Pence again for a potential rerun for presidential elections in 2024.

Trump stated that he has no intention of teaming up with the ex-vice president of America – Mike Pence. He stated that he shares a very good relationship with Mike and he wants them to continue it.  It is still too early to discuss if they will be running mates in 2024 or not.

The relationship did turn sour over the Capitol building riots in January 2021.

After dinner at Republican donor dinner in North Carolina, Trump talked to the media about his future as a politician and his potential re-run for the presidential elections in 2024

There have been speculations going on in the media that Trump is planning to contest the presidential election of 2024 after his blog was shut down permanently.

Donald Trump denies news of running with Mike Pence for presidential elections in 2024 Trump has been very critical of Pence amidst the Capitol building riot violence on January 6th.

Trump had openly accused Pence of not using his position as the president of the Senate to help Trump challenge the Electoral College vote count.

Donald Trump has hinted at his potential re-run for the White House in 2024 multiple times through his fundraising emails, endorsements, and even pre-planned rallies for the late summer.

Trump has yet to announce his official decision regarding his political career.  He stated post-dinner that he plans to make a final decision soon in the future, it will be sooner than what people speculate. And he thinks his decision will surprise many people as well as making a lot of people happy,

Meanwhile, another Trump family member refused to enter the political arena. Lara Trump announced not to contest the North Carolina senate seat in 2022. This came minutes after Trump publicly endorsed Rep. Ted Budd for the North Carolina Senate seat which was vacated by senator Richard Burr.

On the other hand, Ex vice president of the United States of America, Mike Pence, traveled to New Hampshire recently to test the waters regarding his potential run for the presidential elections of 2024. He also stated in his speech at New Hampshire that he and former President Donald Trump have spoken a lot of times since they left office but they are very proud of what they accomplished for the Americans in their tenure of 4 years.