Amidst the allegations surrounding Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his business dealings with Russia, Donald Trump Jr. has shared his opinion on the matter. He claims that in the history of US politics, Joe Biden is the most compromised person.

Sunday Morning Futures reports Trump Jr. saying that everyone on social media is supporting Biden despite the fact that he might be the most compromised person in US politics. He also raised concerns that people are taking this issue very lightly even though they are only two weeks away from the election.

He also accused the Democrats and the media as being one and the same, believing the media propagates their agenda. In addition to this, he also complained about how he was investigated, and he testified for 30 hours, even though he was not the culprit but Joe Biden was.

The Trump campaign is constantly attacking Joe Biden on these allegations. The Trump supporters have also raised concerns about the FBI tampering with the evidence they have obtained concerning Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump Jr. criticizes authorities for taking Hunter Biden allegations too lightlyJunior Trump has criticized the FBI on this as well, saying that when his father is re-elected, he must keep a check on the higher ranks of the organization.

The director of the FBI, Christopher Wray has been asked to release details about a laptop that was part of the evidence relating to Hunter Biden.

Senator Ron Johnson also claimed that an anonymous source had gotten in touch with his committee to report that he was in possession of a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden. The laptop was submitted to the FBI by the person.

The committee contacted the FBI immediately, requesting them to confirm or deny if the source was authentic, however, the organization refused to release any details.

The senator believes that in either case, they deserve to know the details. If the laptop is found to have evidence of Russian disinformation, the organization is required to give a defensive briefing. If the anonymous source is a fraud, this would be considered criminal activity and they should be informed about it.

Donald Trump Jr. has also recently spoken on Joe Biden, claiming that the former vice president does not understand the threat of China and would be too soft on them which could hurt India-US relations.