Donald Trump got angry when the former president, George W. Bush, did not mention him in his latest coronavirus video.

The video that caused a rift had an uplifting message and encouraged the Americans to be kind during this pandemic. The current president took offense and showed his distaste in his angry tweets.

In a series of angry tweets, Trump praised his performance, the handling of the pandemic, and some other issues.

Trump’s criticism of Bush stemmed from the latter’s silence during the infamous impeachment trial. To further prove his distaste, Donald Trump re-tweeted a Fox News commentator, Pete Hegseth, who also questioned Bush’s silence.

Hegseth couldn’t help but wonder why Bush didn’t motivate his followers to put prejudice aside throughout the impeachment drama.

The video in question urged citizens to end bias and encouraged them to fight the pandemic through a joint effort.

The video’s basic message got mocked by Trump since the former failed to voice his support during the impeachment trial.

The video message shared by Bush was applauded and met with a positive response from the masses. This also encouraged some people to criticize Trump’s handling of the ongoing pandemic as one tweet suggested. Bush’s video reminds Republicans that they can do better, a former federal prosecutor tweeted.

Trump and Bush are not always silent when it comes to criticizing one another. During the 2016 primaries, Bush stated that he didn’t appreciate Trump’s verbal attacks on him or his family.

Trump, meanwhile, blames his predecessors for leaving him to deal with messes created by other people.

When asked if he would be taking help from former presidents regarding the ongoing pandemic, his answer was no.