President-elect Joe Biden is all set to take oath on January 20th. President Trump has announced that he will not attend the inauguration ceremony. However, it is feared that on that day, the supporters of the out-going president, Trump, will hold country-wide protests.

Political analysts have called out on Donald Trump to address the situation before leaving the Oval Office, saying that he needs to calm tensions so that another incident like the Capitol riot does not happen again.

Biden’s team is prepared for the worst as they have to embrace the tilting economy of the US and come up with sound economic policies for a quick turnaround. The team will have to work out a multi-faceted foreign policy to help the country regain its lost ground.

President Trump had shown zero tolerance with his immigration policy, which has dealt the country a substantial blow not only in reputation, but economically.

Donald Trump is likely to face the courts to justify his conduct in the wake of the Capitol Siege incident. The Capitol was attacked by the Trump supporters after they were provoked by Trump’s speech.

There are rumors that Donald Trump was looking forward to pardoning the rioters who stormed Washington DC on January 6. The events that follow the Capitol Siege have certainly damaged his position in the party.

President Trump will have to be careful before making any decision about issuing a general pardon for these people.

In the last few days after the riots in Washington DC, it was also proposed by Pelosi to take the powers away from Trump. She feared that Trump had access to the nuclear codes and that he can become a national threat after the Capitol incident.