Dorothy Steel, who was an actress that appeared in Black Panther as a tribal elder died at the age of 95.

Dorothy Steel died in Detroit on Friday morning and her agent named Cindy Butler confirmed the death of the star. Though the cause of the death is still unknown -that is a huge loss to the industry.

Before the death of Dorothy Steel, she was in between film shooting of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – which is a sequel that started the production of the movie in Atlanta. As per Butler, Steel flew back to Detroit to be with her family.

The publicist of the Steel says that her role in the Marvel series will be her last role but that eventually turned out to be her last role before she died.

According to a spokesperson of Steel, “She went out strong,”

Dorothy Steel got huge fame and fanbase when she played the role as an elder of the Merchant Tribe in Black Panther which was also her feature film debut.

In a 2018 appearance on Steve Harvey, Dorothy Steel stated that she was quite hesitant to appear in a big Marvel comic series, but she eventually went to the auditions of the movie to be a part of the Marvel series.

According to her grandson, ‘Grandma, you always talk about stepping out onto nothing, letting your faith take you there. Now how come you don’t do it yourself,’ ” she recalled. “He said, ‘Either you’re gonna step out there or you’re gonna shut up.’ “

Steel also told her host that she used to sit down on the computer every day and practice the lines of Nelson Mandela’s speech to find the right posture and tone for her dialogues.