Dr. Anthony Fauci recently appeared on a CNN town hall where they partnered with Sesame Street to answer kids’ questions about the pandemic and the vaccine.

A 6-year old kid from Geneva named Paxton asked Fauci if Santa will be able to visit their homes this year to which he replied that he took it upon himself to go to the North Pole and vaccinate Santa Claus himself.

He proceeded to say that he measured Santa’s level of immunity and that Santa will be able to come down everyone’s chimney and leave presents like he usually does and the kids don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the kids also asked Fauci if he can hug his grandma to this question he responded that if she lives with them then they can, however, if she’s traveling from somewhere, it’s probably not the best idea. They also asked him if the vaccine hurts to which he replied that it’s only a pinch that lasts for a few seconds.

According to health professionals, meeting Santa at the mall is not advisable, however. Several Santas across the country are arranging virtual drive-by meet-ups with the children.

Children’s Questions About the Pandemic on CNNThe pandemic has had an adverse effect on children’s mental health and led to an increase in depression and anxiety as kids are forced to stay at home and cannot see their friends.

Health professionals are advising families to adopt other ways to celebrate this year e.g. going to see the Christmas lights in cars instead of in crowds, dropping off baked goods to their loved ones instead of baking them together in groups, and caroling outside the house instead of inside.

Outdoor activities such as ice-skating, playing in the snow, and ice-sledding are also safe if you follow SOPs and wear a mask.

Fauci was also asked about when the vaccinations for kids will begin. He explained that since they’re testing the side effects and efficacy of the vaccine on adults right now, trials for children will start a month or two later.

All four vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are currently in their final stage of testing their vaccine on the adult population.

Moderna has stated that their pediatric trials will likely begin by the end of the year however they need authorization from regulators first. Johnson & Johnson stated back in September that their trials on children will begin later in the year.