After the arrival of the deadly virus known as Covid-19, millions of people have become a victim to it. Officials all over the world have put all their efforts to come up with an effective vaccine.

Finally, we got the big news from Pfizer and Moderna that a Covid-19 vaccine is being introduced into the market. These vaccines would be able to save millions of lives once they are provided on a mass scale, however, it will take some time.

But there was always another way to save more lives and that was just by simply following the guidelines given by the health officials. Instead, the virus became a political issue, which resulted in a large number of people not wearing masks or following other guidelines.

5 things that can protect you from catching COVID-19

It is quite clear that the guidelines provided by the officials have some logic to them and they are there for our protection. Many countries even fought the virus by strictly following these guidelines.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, reminds 5 ways on how you can save yourself from contracting the virus.

The first one is the most obvious, wear a mask. The rest is to socially distance from people, avoid crowded spaces, try to do activities outside rather than inside and lastly, wash your hands often.

All of these tips sound very familiar, but Dr. Fauci wanted to give a reminder in such a critical situation. People are becoming comfortable with letting their guard down as time passes by. But they have to realize that the virus is still out there and is more dangerous than ever.

If we talk about Fauci’s fourth point that is to prioritize doing activities outdoor rather than indoor, it is important because indoor gatherings have led to a large number of coronavirus infections.

In the line of this advice, Fauci pled to Americans to not gather for traditional holidays this month. If the gatherings cannot be postponed or canceled, then at least, a safe distance should be maintained along with washing hands frequently.

Now as the vaccine is here, we hope that the pandemic that has troubled millions of people will finally come to an end. But another challenge lies as to whether Americans would be willing to take the vaccine or not.

Fauci says that they are doing their best to provide the vaccine to the people that need them, but it sure is an enormous project.