We are entering into October which means that winter is coming but before that, we will get to see the beautiful weather of fall in which all of the leaves will turn yellow and orange. We are pretty excited to see those colors and in case you are a leaf peeping lover then we have good news for you.

The state of New York is looking for some volunteers to make them official leaf peepers. They will be able to join the official group of I love NY leaf peeper. This will allow them to observe the leaf foliage around different states.

We know that it sounds like a funny thing to do, but keep in mind that if you agree to be a part of it, you will have to fulfill some serious commitments. All of the volunteers will be asked to submit an elaborated report on leaf foliage that they have been observing by mentioning the area. They also need to speculate the foliage conditions of the particular leaves for the upcoming weeks.

The report that you need to submit to the authorities must have the location in which you are observing the leaf foliage, the percentage of leaves that you think will change their color within a week, the colors they are showing, and the name of the season. This detailed report will summarize whether leaves have started to change their colors yet or not and if they have, what color they are turning into and when.

All the volunteers are asked to submit their reports on Monday or Tuesday. This will make the official I love the NY team to go through them and compile all the data correctly. This way all the people who are planning to visit those specific areas will know what to expect.

If you think this is something new then you couldn’t be more wrong. The team of I love NY has been continuously doing this every fall for more than 35 years now. But this is the first year in which they are asking random leaf peepers to observe and share their knowledge voluntarily with them. There are a lot of people who plan different leafing adventures during this time of the year, so now they will know which areas will offer the best views. The first report of this year will be out this Wednesday and similarly more such reports will be available every week.

Watkins Glen, Whiteface Mountain, Gore Mountain, Belleayre Mountain, etc. are some of the top locations that are preferred for the observation of leaf foliage. These places consist of various types of plants and trees so it’s best for noticing color changes due to weather and writing a report about them. All of the mentioned places are beautiful and we are sure that they will take away your breath. So, if you are a fan of traveling to beautiful places and call yourself a leaf peeper, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to try your luck.