Dustin Neil Diamond has died at the age of 44 after fighting with cancer for weeks. Diamond’s claim to fame was his hit portrayal of the character Samuel Screech in the sitcom “Saved by the Bell”, after which he established himself as a stand-up comedian. He was an accomplished American actor, director, and musician.

Dustin was diagnosed with cancer just three weeks ago. He had been hospitalized since then in Florida. Sadly, he passed away from a malignant cancer within weeks of the diagnosis. According to the statement released by his manager, Dustin did not suffer in pain. He wasn’t forced to suffer through excruciating pain and passed in relative peace.

Diamond was born in San Jose, California and was quite open about his Jewish descent.

He even took part in reality shows like The Weakest Link and Celebrity Boxing 2. He also participated in Celebrity Big Brother UK, Season 12. Dustin Diamond formed an alternative metal band called Salty the Pocketknife, where he played bass and wrote much of the music simultaneously. The band couldn’t last long and split up due to internal disagreements.

Diamond married his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Misner in 2009, but later got separated in 2013. He moved from Port Washington to Florida and spent his last days there. From filing bankruptcy in 2001 to getting arrested in 2014, he even got sentenced to four months in jail. He lived it all before getting diagnosed with a small-cell lung carcinoma which took his life in mere three weeks, and he passed away on February 1, 2021, at age 44.