EA Net Worth
Company Name Electronic Art
Founded 27 May 1982
Founder Trip Hawkins
CEO Andrew Wilson
Stock Price 145.83 USD
Origin United States of America
Headquarter Redwood City, California
Sub-diaries Firemonkeys Studio, EA Sports, Chillingo, EA Montreal, Superhead, etc.
Competitors Discord, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, etc.

Video gaming has become so much more than just a time-killing activity. The industry is expanding broader, creating thousands of job roles and employing millions of people worldwide. According to the latest statistics, the video game industry generates sales of around 134.9 billion USD per year. It would not be wrong to say that industry is surviving on the shoulders of big manufacturer names and evolving trends. Just like EA (Electronic Arts) has revolutionized video gaming by shifting from physical disk to digital delivery and from PCs & Console based games to mobile and augmented reality.

EA is a California-based video gaming company. It was founded back in 1982 and since then, the company is known to be a trendsetter. They have evolved the gaming industry by introducing a lot of new platforms, methods, and modes of playing video games. The company is a global leader in online interactive entertainment.

What they actually do:

EA is basically a game development company. They create and sell games, provide online services and content for different devices such as mobile phones, PCs, gaming consoles, and tablets. The company is composed of three major divisions which are EA studio, EA Mobile, and Maxis.

  • The EA Studios develops the games and relevant content & services.
  • EA Mobile creates and develops interactive games for mobile devices and tablets.
  • The Maxis division is responsible for creating games and gaming-related content & services to engage player’s creativity.

This division of roles ensures smooth and uninterrupted transition of workflow and releasing of new products within the company.

The process of shifting to digital delivery:

Just like every other company, EA started off by selling their disk-based games through retailers. But the company was smart enough to keep up with the trend of selling games digitally instead of packing them in disks. Although EA admits that they made a lot of mistakes in shifting to digital delivery but it eventually went in their favor by increasing the EA net worth for following their in-house-made strategies.

Company’s Net worth:

The surprisingly increasing net worth of EA is an actual mystery for the world. They have announced that their sales are a lot more than their expectations. So what are they earning from? According to internal reports, 74% of the company’s revenue comes from digital sales and the remaining 26% from selling physical goods.

In 2020, the EA Net worth increased by 12% with its revenue growing up to US$22.9 billion. The games like FIFA and Battlefield are being held accountable for this growth. If we analyze the company’s revenue graph from 2015, the EA net worth has increased by 70%. The future for EA also looks very bright. So we can say that there are very rare chances of the downfall of this company in near future.

Famous games and products:

EA has several blockbuster projects in its portfolio. The best-known brands owned by the company include FIFA, The Sims, Battlefields, Zombies, Dragon age, etc. A few classics include Need for Speed, Mission paradise, Pokemon Go, Star wars, etc.

One can totally rely on their collection to find the best & entertaining options. With every new launch, they come up with new ideas and have introduced multiple experimental and trendsetting games, most of which turned out to be super successful.

Unique selling point:

The unique aspect of EA is being the largest publisher and developer of the video games industry. They have introduced mobile interactive gaming and augmented reality. That helped them attracting more and more players for providing a unique video gaming experience.

Their strong market position and brand value is their biggest strength right now. Every reform they brought has been well received till now. The opportunities are also increasing for them. We can expect to see them designing practice and training games for different industries in near future. If that happened, EA’s net worth would be unbeatable and their sustainability in the market will be long-term.

Another factor that makes them unique is the diversity of their games on different platforms. They are taking over almost all platforms, appealing to all genders and age groups to make their audience wide and strong.


Although the rise in mobile gaming competition and competitors is threatening for them, their already launched games and products have a secured future. FIFA and battlefield-like projects will help them survive in the longer run. Despite that, one can never promise a future. With thousands of new brands and unique games coming into the industry every day, sustainability lies in evolution. One needs to be aware of upcoming trends and be a pioneer in adopting them to stand out.