One of the developers working on the COVID-19 vaccines is Moderna in collaboration with the National Institute of Health. They have recently reported favorable results of their vaccine on volunteers.

The Chief Medical Officer of the biotech company, Dr. Tal Zaks, predicts that their vaccine might be available for supply to the public around January if further studies prove its effectiveness.

This data was retrieved from Phase 1 of the trials the company was conducting. This phase is focused on the safety of the vaccine and whether or not it causes immunity in the volunteers. It also has a very small number of people.
Numerous other companies around the world are in the process of developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. Three companies are in the United States, including Moderna, Pzifer, Inovio.

In the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford is conducting clinical trials and in China, there are four more companies.
According to the biotech company and the National Institutes of Health, volunteers who were given Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine showed positive results.
Dr. Tal Zaks reported that people all over the world have been waiting for this good news. This is absolutely wonderful news. The studies are still in progress and if these go well then the vaccine would be widely distributed and will be available to the public as soon as January.

The phase 1 clinical trial is done in which the vaccine was introduced to the body of a few patients to check whether the vaccine is safe or not and if it evokes a response from the immune system. The studies are still in progress and are not published in any journal.
There are 8 developers worldwide that are trying to make the vaccine of novel coronavirus and Moderna, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of them.
Moderna has introduced vaccines to dozens of volunteers and has measured the number of antibodies produced in them. It was found that eight of the participants produced antibodies to the virus and the number of antibodies was equal or more than the people who have naturally recovered from the disease.

These antibodies bind with the virus cells and stop them from attacking the cells of the human body. So these antibodies are performing two functions i.e. binding with the virus cells and protecting the normal cells of the body.
According to the company, phase 1 was a trial on a relatively small scale. The further phases would be conducted from time to time and if the studies support the vaccine’s effectiveness then it will be available for everyone one day.