Do you know that Lice impacts people in all socioeconomic classes? While they do not carry any disease, one wouldn’t want to appease the appetite of lice at the expense of their own blood (literally). Luckily, there isn’t just one easy way to get rid of lice. There are countless simple methods that you can follow to make your hair lice-free.

If you are quick enough to find out that you are the next victim of lice infestation, merely combing your hair the right way can help you get rid of the said inconvenience. For further assurance, you can comply with the following easy tips.

Say No to Head-to-Head Contact

If you believe that taking a bath daily and keeping your head and hair clean at all times will spare you from the wrath of lice, you couldn’t be more wrong. If there’s one positive thing about these insects, it’s that they do not discriminate. You can be the cleanest individual in the room or the most unhygienic; what lice needs is a host it can feed on.

Therefore, an easy way to get rid of head lice is to avoid making head-to-head contact with anyone. Lice can’t fly from head to head, but they can definitely crawl their way to a new host’s head. So, being careful in this regard can help prevent the problem before it even surfaces.

Blow the Lice Away

In the current age, people constantly remain on the lookout for quick solutions to their problems. While opting for the fastest remedy may not always yield the best results, it can prove to be highly effective in many cases. If you are here to find out a quick and easy way to get rid of lice, using a blow dryer can help you achieve that.

A study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of the said method. It turned out that blow-drying hair using direct heat eliminated almost all of the nits and over half of the lice. If you find this method interesting, you are recommended to use the blow dryer right after washing your hair. However, be sure that you do not subject your hair to heat after getting a chemical lice treatment.

Use a Reliable Lice Shampoo

This one is a pretty self-explanatory remedy. Whether you prefer going to your nearby Walmart store or order items from Amazon, there isn’t any shortage of lice shampoos. So, choose carefully between the available options and pick the one that you deem the most suitable for your hair.

What’s important is to make sure to follow the instructions specified on the bottle. Also, make sure to wear clean clothes after taking a bath as well as put your clothes in a washing machine or dryer to kill the lice attached to them.

Opt for Essential Oils

It is believed that a fast and easy way to get rid of lice is by using essential oils. Many of these oils have already proven to be effective lice eliminators. However, some children may not be able to take advantage of this method due to being allergic to one or more essential oils.

If that is the case with your child, simply go for another essential oil. You can choose between peppermint oil, cinnamon lead oil, clove oil, neem oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc.

Once you have selected the essential oil, mix 15-20 drops of it with around 2 ounces of olive oil. Then, apply this blend to the scalp with the help of cotton balls. Allow this blend to work its magic overnight, and then comb, shampoo, and rinse your hair.

Apply Mayonnaise

 This may appear as a strange and odorless remedy, but if it’s easy to implement and can yield effective results, it has got to be on this list. While there’s no credible study to back up this claim, it is harmless and has racked up a decent amount of people to vouch for it.

It is said that mayonnaise does a good job of suffocating lice. This leaves you with the responsibility of combing your hair to get rid of these nuisances. Mayonnaise may also be a good-enough remedy for an itching scalp.


Even though lice do not bring along a slew of diseases with them, their presence is not welcomed in our hair. There are countless easy and complex lice treatment methods that you can undergo. It should also be noted that keeping your clothes and surroundings clean and not joining heads with others is vital to saving yourself from becoming a target of these insects.


  1. How do you get rid of lice overnight?

Petroleum Jelly can help eliminate the lice by affecting their breath.

  1. What home remedies will kill lice?

Treating the lice with essential oils can do the work for you. It includes tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc.

  1. Does hair dryer kill lice?

A proper blow of Hairdryer can kill 97% of lice eggs. The dryer should be used repeatedly.

  1. Can lemon kill lice?

Yes, lemon kills the eggs and makes sure they do not reoccur.

  1. Can hot water kill lice?

A temperature greater than 53.5 C and its exposure for more than 5 minutes can kill eggs and lice.

  1. Will coconut oil kill lice?

Coconut oil may kill the lice in your head, but not completely.

  1. Does salt kill lice?

It depends upon the kind of salt you are using. The table salt can’t kill the lice.

  1. Will hair conditioner kill lice?

Hair conditioner can stun lice for around twenty minutes but cannot kill them.