Edilsy Roca, 12, was found by police in Florida on Friday evening. They have now called off a missing child alert.

The Fort Myers Police Department tweeted that the child is safe. Hours earlier, the department said detectives thought she might be with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend, who is her mother’s boyfriend. They also said that Edilsy might be in danger if she is found to be in her mother’s custody.

The missing alert from FDLE was cancelled saying that “This is a cancellation to the Florida Missing Child Alert that was activated on 12/16/2021 for Edilsy Roca out of Lee County. The child is safe.”

She told ABC News on Friday night that Edilsy Roca was in the hands of detectives. A criminal investigation is still going on, but no arrests have been made so far, the woman told me.

The investigation into Edilsy was still going on, so Capuzzi didn’t say where Edilsy was because of that. On Monday, around 10:30 p.m., she was last seen in Fort Myers. She was walking in the neighborhood of Gardenia Avenue.

In the alert, the police had posted pictures of the child, lmilsy Medina, her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend on the Facebook page of the Fort Myers Police Department. They asked anyone who knew where Edilsy was to call the police.

Police had told people not to get near Medina or Araujo, but to call police right away.

It’s not clear who reported Edilsy Roca missing and when the police were first called.

Police in Fort Myers, Florida, told ABC News Friday afternoon that they didn’t have any more information because the investigation is still going on.