Growing up in an era infused with technology, there is a positive and direct trend of digital tools in the market. From print magazines to traditional radio, modes of recreation and entertainment have adopted a different route. Similarly, fax machines have also shifted to online mediums.

Thus, if you want to avoid the hassle of using hardcore machines, opt for a more seamless way of communicating through online faxing. The best part about using online faxing is that it not only saves a significant portion of your total costs but also consumes less time.

In this article, we have incorporated two of the best online faxing services and their respective details.

Efax vs Myfax: A Comparison

At present, online faxing services are considered to be the new ‘thing’ in the market. Undoubtedly, they have made lives easier and hassle-free. Who would want to go through such an extensive and tedious process when it can be done within minutes?

Given these trends, most companies have started to offer online faxing services. With the influx of Covid-19, more and more firms are providing such services and an individual is faced with a diverse range of options to choose from. Out of the myriad of companies in the market, here are two of the best online faxing services.


Well-esteemed and popular, eFax is a reliable institution with a known history of exceptional performance. It provides a series of local and toll-free numbers that help consumers fulfill their work requirements easily. Some of the key features of Efax include access to storage for life, trackable search history, and nearly five email addresses.

Additionally, the plus point about the eFax service is that it offers a Large File Sharing feature, where users can send files ranging between 1 and 3GB from any smartphone. From a bigger perspective, the service is convenient, has a simple user interface, and allows a 24/7 customer support service.

With the advent of electronic signing and the prevalence of HIPAA compliance, an enhanced security system has been established in the process. Users can put a lock on specific faxes under a password wall and even extract faxes from an email address.

 The company offers an extensive range of Efax applications that are well-developed and easy to use on a variety of different phone models. Thus, whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the Efax service will prove to be viable and effective.

As far as monthly allowances are concerned, Efax has proven to fare considerably well in this regard. Of course, you might be allowed a much greater allowance with other fax software providers, but you probably won’t get the same features.

However, one of the biggest downsides of Efax is that it doesn’t cater to those customers who seek to send faxes abroad. Although it does provide the service, an extra fee is charged on all international faxes sent by users.


In an eFax vs Myfax comparison, it is important to consider both sides of the story. Here is a detailed overview of MyFax and its list of services. Similar to other faxing services, MyFax also allows users to send in faxes without the help of traditional fax machines.

Each Myfax plan can fax nearly 50 numbers from over five email addresses. Another key feature of the service includes a provision of over 100 cover sheet templates that add a more personalized touch to all the transmissions.

Additionally, a well-developed arching system of MyFax helps customers to insert keywords in files, all to ensure a more transparent search later on. At present, MyFax can send files of 10MB in size.

For a vast majority of users, the best part about MyFax is its user interface. Simple and easy to use, the MyAccount portal of MyFax allows users to send faxes to different numbers and peruse their archives based on different parameters.

As far as monthly allowances are concerned, MyFax offers a comparatively better package than eFax. If you send less than 400 faxes per month, the company’s services are ideal and effective. However, if you are in the habit of sending an extensive amount of faxes each month, then the package won’t hold much value for you.

Plus, if you are ever stuck or need professional help to resolve an issue, MyFax’s 24/7 phone support proves to be of great value. If these pros weren’t enough, here’s another benefit to add to the list. Unlike eFax which charges for international faxing, MyFax offers free faxing to 48 different countries of the world.

The major drawback about using MyFax is its lower compatibility with phones. Even though Efax excels in mobile support, Myfax, on the contrary, has weak support and does not fit well with any device apart from the iPhone itself.

Another downside of MyFax is the lack of digital signatures. Unlike its core competitor, MyFax does not offer users a digitized tool to paste their signature onto each document. Thus, those who sign a large number of faxes each day are likely to get frustrated with the application.

Efax vs Myfax: Final Verdict?

Outlined above are two digital fax services and their respective features, benefits, and drawbacks. It is difficult to conclude which service fares better. We think the answer to that question will depend on the person and their needs.

For instance, while some may look for the easy-to-understand interface provided by MyFax, others may opt for eFax because of its access to digital signatures. All in all, the choice is a result of what you think is the most important in terms of online faxing.

Just remember, no one person is the same. In such cases, it is best to listen to your heart (and a little bit of your brain too.)