Virtual Private Networks, VPNs, are used for ensuring privacy on the Internet. A VPN service creates a digital channel through which the Internet connection is routed. It prevents anyone from looking at your activities and data inside the VPN connection. To achieve this goal, the Internet connection routes through distant VPN servers and hides your actual address. Often, other securities and encryption features are also included in the process that makes it impossible for any unwanted or hostile third party to identify your computer and your network.

After getting to know what a VPN is, now we come to the part of what to do with a VPN? Following are some of the ways you can benefit from VPNs.

  1. Streaming YouTube without Your Internet Provider Slackening

What to do with a VPN? For starters, you can stream videos on YouTube without any interruptions. Currently, the top internet bandwidth website is YouTube out of all. A great VPN allows you to stream YouTube without annoying buffering, outages, or other disablements.

  1. Play Games with Good Internet Speed

The Internet providers not only throttle YouTube, but they also target video games that are streamed online. The case becomes worse if your data plan is not unlimited. The game makers use BitTorrent for fixing bugs and sending out updates that also creates a problem. So, it would be wise to use a good VPN, so your Internet service provider wouldn’t slow you down while online gaming.

  1. Watch Streaming TV in other states

If you are thinking about what to do with a VPN, then clearly you do not know about Netflix yet.  Netflix has revolutionized the streaming experience. This service offers content from various TV channels throughout the world on one website. However, its only restriction is that users must live in the origin country. To solve this problem, you just require a good old VPN connection. Your actual IP address is rerouted by VPN, so it looks like that you live in another country. Moreover, if you are not in the US and want to access the content that’s available to the US audience, the a VPN will be of great help.

  1. Avoid Prying

If you have logged onto a public Wi-Fi, then the biggest security issue is that your connection is not encrypted. Often, public Wi-Fi doesn’t even need a password that is why they serve as the main locations where evil people compromise others’ privacy. So, what you can do with a VPN to solve this problem? A private virtual network ensures data encryption and hides your cell phone or computer from other unwanted parties.

  1. Online Shopping

Another thing that you can do with a VPN is online shopping; especially when you are not in your home country. For instance, if you are in Australia and have not enabled international transactions on your card, then a VPN would allow you to purchase stuff and make payments online.

  1. Unlock Geo-Restricted Content

If you want the answer of what to do with a VPN, then the best answer should be unlocking such content that is geographically restricted. Some content and media websites are restricted because of censorship or copyright laws or have distinct content libraries present for different states. Geo-blocked content can also be because of price discrimination or licensing agreements. Price discrimination is when a viewer from one country is charged more than the viewer of another country. This is where you can use your VPN to counter these problems.

  1. Unblocking Social Media

On the Internet, the most heavily blocked and censored thing is social media. For instance, Algeria recently blocked Facebook and Twitter, which is a very big step. Although, the reason behind this step was logical because some students posted the exam questions and solutions on Facebook. Some other states that have a permanent ban on social media for preventing the free information flow are China, North Korea, Syria, and Iran. You can use VPN to safely ignore still get access to social media instead of the government-imposed blockade.

  1. Avoid being Discovered when Stalking the Competition

Anonymity can prove to be a contributing force towards your success. Among the things that you can do with a VPN, a very significant one is researching your competitor and not getting detected. You can safely use a VPN if you are visiting your competitor’s website without letting anyone know. Your visit will still be logged on the website, but you will only appear as any other random user with a fake IP address. Your visit can be tracked to the VPN that you used, but this search won’t be able to proceed any further.