The Talk’s co-host, Elaine Welteroth, will not be returning to the show in the coming season.

In January 2021, Welteroth joined the show as a co-host after a few hosting gigs in the year 2020. 

Kristin Matthews and Heather Gray, the show’s executive producers, stated that “We wish Elaine all the best. We are grateful for her passion, enthusiasm, and insight she brought to the show daily,” in a recent post on the internet. 

The co-producers also added, “Her openness and meaningful conversations were attributes we admired and always appreciated,”

To address everyone’s curiosity that why Elaine Welteroth leaving the Award-winning show, Welteroth stated, “It was gratifying to be able to show up as my authentic self in front of a live national audience every day in a world as divided as ours and to stay true to myself and what I stand for.”  The talented former host has not stopped here; she gave her fans a hint that she is excited about the creative projects she will share with them soon. 

While acknowledging the opportunity she got as “a Young Black Woman,” she said, “to have a slot on-air “where our perspectives are largely underrepresented.” It was an honor for her. 

She is proud of herself that she respectably represented her community, noting that she was cast in the show to “join a diverse cast in helping to bridge some of the divides in our world through conversation and empathy.”

The former editor and chief of Teen Vogue said that she will always say:” When the music changes, so must your dance” she added that she would forever miss her co-host and the entire crew and wish them very good luck for their future endeavors. 

As Welteroth exits the show, the show is left with three permanent co-hosts, including Amanda Kloots, Jerry O’Connell, and Sherly Underwood.

O’Connell joined the show in replacement of Sharon Osbourn as the first permanent co-host. According to the sources, the former host Osbourn left the show after a controversy about competition with Sherly Underwood.  Kloots replaced Marie Osmond and joined the show in January and Underwood joined the show back in 2011 – she is the longest-tenured co-host on the show. 

Currently, Welteroth is playing a judge role on a Project Runaway show aired on the Bravo Channel. 

The search for a new host is in progress. However, their aim is to get a permanent host for the show before the new season of The Talk airs on September 13.

In the coming season, Sherly will continue as a permanent host who also was there in the show last September. Kloots and O’Connell will join her in the new season.