Elon Musk Net Worth
Age 49
Source of Wealth Tesla, SpaceX, Self-Made
Self-Made Score 8
Philanthropy Score 1
Residence Austin, Texas
Citizenship United States
Marital Status In Relationship
Children 7
Education Bachelor of Arts/Science,

University of Pennsylvania

Elon Musk- The master:

Elon Musk! Who doesn’t know him? The owner of a world-class car company and the richest man alive. He has revolutionized both worlds, the earth, and space too by introducing Tesla and SpaceX.

He was raised in Pretoria and born in South Africa to a South African man and a Canadian woman. He got admission to the University of Pretoria but later moved to Canada and joined Queen’s University. Later he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1995, his journey began, when he started a software company named zip2 and another company X.com which later became another masterpiece “PayPal”.

In 2002, Musk founded “SpaceX“. The company manufactures aerospace and space transport services. Musk is CEO, CTO & lead designer of the company. Despite having multiple companies of his Musk decided to join Tesla in 2004 as a chairman and later becoming its CEO in 2008.

In between, he created SolarCity which is now a subsidiary of Tesla. There are many other achievements of Elon Musk like OpenAI, an anon-profit research company, Neuralink, that focuses on the brain-technology interlinks. He has also proposed Hyperloop, a vactrain transport with super speed. Amazing!!

Elon Musk’s Net Worth:

Most of us think hard work is what makes a man worthy and increases his net worth, but the truth is smart work is what keeps a man going. By January of 2021, Elon Musk had a net worth of $185 billion. Most of his income comes from “Tesla”. The interesting story is that he is not getting paid by Tesla, instead, he gets the amount if the company and its sister concerns do extraordinarily well. Well, that is a tough call but worked in his case. At the moment he owns 21% of Tesla’s shares.

Success Habits of Elon Musk:

If you want to be as successful as Elon Musk these are some of the good habits that helped him grow.

  • Do not go for something that comes to you easily:

It is an extraordinary statement that is ignored by many of us to get short-term and easy success. But will it last long? The answer is no. What comes easy, goes easy. If you think working 9-5 is enough to get such net worth, you are wrong. Learn it from the masters who worked more than 48 hours a week.

  • Enhance your team

a man can do things till a certain point after that he needs help to grow. Not only to grow but to learn from your fellow workers. That is why Elon Musk always made delegations

  • Don’t Be Afraid

People are usually not risk-takers. All of us like to get things the easy way, without any risk or threat of loss. But businesses are a second name to risks. If you cannot take a risk, you cannot move forward.

What ifs are the main reason people stay behind the curtains. But what if you succeed? Elon didn’t complete his college degree and took risks after risk and see today he is the richest man in the world.

  • Priority

If you cannot prioritize between career, friends, and family, you are never going to succeed in front of anyone. Mixed emotions and lack of focus can steal your thunder. Elon musk is 55 and still not married (kidding). A balance is what makes life beautiful.

  • Schedule

What are you going to achieve? What are you focused on? What is your goal? What is the deadline? If you do not ask these questions often to yourself, then you are doomed. Focus on a single path. Follow the deadlines, follow the goals. Try to achieve them before everyone and better than everyone.

  • Learning

There is never any age where you should stop learning. Learning continues throughout your life. A successful man never stops reading, exploring and wondering. Be curious about everything, ask questions and try to find their answers.

  • Stay focused

Elon Musk is a much-focused man. Staying focus is easy to recommend but hard to achieve. But the first step you can take is to eat healthy, sound sleep, and a focused schedule. Stay focused, Stay positive!


If you wonder what is the IQ level of Elon Musk? There would be no wonder to say that he is an intelligent and extraordinary man. The way he uses technology and interprets hard tasks into such mesmerizing products is a hell of a game. On the aptitude test, he scored 155.

A person who has indulged his whole life into different projects and not to mention very innovative and hard projects, 155 is a justified number.

As stated before smart work along with hard work is what Elon Musk followed and made a net worth of billions.