The week has undoubtedly started with some great shocking and devastating news. First, the death of Ed Asner wrenched our hearts and now the disappearance of Emily VanCamp from ‘The Resident’ will moan our days.

Earlier this week, Emily VanCamp, the nurse Nic Nevin from the series, announced that she’s leaving Fox’s show ‘ The Resident’  just ahead of when the fifth season of the series is about to make the mark. The shocking news left the people reeling as Emily was playing the leading character who recently tied the knot and became a parent.

What does the report say?

The reports pointed out that there are chances that the actor will play a guest appearance in the fifth season and it’s also expected that the guest star capacity will be wrapped up in the initial episodes of the fifth season, which is scheduled to hit the screen on Sept 21st.

The lead start Emily VanCamp was there as a nurse practitioner since the debut of the series back in 2018. The update of leaving the role at the premiere of the 5th season has broken millions of hearts. This is because the fourth season brought the major life challenges in the character’s life; Nick became a mother of a newborn after welcoming her baby with Conrad Hawkins played by Matt Czuchry.

On the other hand, people are relating VanCamp’s real life with the series’ character Nic, when VanCamp’s husband Josh Bowman amazed fans on Aug26, that they are welcoming their first child with each other. Saying:

Welcome to the world our sweet little Iris,” VanCamp wrote on Instagram at the time. “Our hearts are full.”

Is it sad news for the fans?

The departing news of the actor came just before a week when season 5 is on the edge. She made her pregnancy the reason for leaving the hit series. Where nothing has been reported from Fox about the Vamp’s exit. Just the little hint in the new teaser of the 5th season that there will be much to expect from season 5 of the play ‘The Resident’.

“If you thought last season changed everything, just wait,” the warning voiceover warned.

 The teaser ends while Conrad Hawkins having his baby and the two police officers banged the door, probably for some bad news. It can also be seen in the teaser, that a lingering danger is approaching Nick when Conrad is taking care of the baby at home.