An interview of Seth Rogen with British GQ caused an uproar among the media circles regarding Emma Watson storming off the set of his 2013 movie “This is the End.”

Seth Rogen took to Twitter to clarify the matter and explained that his answer to a question was taken in the wrong manner and he in no way claimed that Emma Watson left the set of the movie.

In his interview with British GQ, Rogen was asked about a rumor of Emma Watson storming off the set after refusing to shoot a scene, which involved Danny McBride as a cannibal and Channing Tatum on a leash in leather BDSM garb.

He further stated that the reason for this rumor spreading is lack of communication as well as a mutual decision by the directors who decided that Watson will not be part of that scene.

Rogen clarified in his tweet that Emma Watson in no way stormed off the set and it’s very shitty if the perception is that she did.

He apologized for putting Emma in an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation. He was utterly thrilled to get an opportunity to work with her and is more than willing to work with her again if any such opportunity comes his way.

He said because of miscommunication, the situation became so unpleasant. He wished he could have taken appropriate actions to prevent it.

Seth Rogen shares a very cordial relationship with Emma Watson. She helped him during the promotion of the film. There haven’t been any hard feelings ever and he is really happy how the film turned out to be in the end.

He is glad that he listened to Emma on that particular note; as they changed the ending of the movie. She was right and the ending was funnier the way it ended. The movie was well-received by the masses.

Rogen had to clarify the mess and set the record straight by publishing his side of the story directly on Twitter instead of relying on British GQ to publish an official statement.