Erika Jayne lashes out at people trolling her on Twitter. The reality TV celebrity fired upon people who were commenting on her shopping spree at TJ Maxx amidst her growing legal tensions and problems with ex-husband Tom Girardi.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was spotted shopping at TJ Maxx; where one of the social media users commented “shopping at TJ MAXX… with your assistant?… Optics EJ… you are smarter than this…. This is NOT winning”.

The 50 years old diva shot back at the social media user and other trolls who had started criticizing her for going to TJ Maxx in Pasadena California.

“I shopped there for years. I also went to Petco and Target. Stop overanalyzing my life.”

Erika Jayne has been battling with legal woes for a long time now especially since the time she filed for divorce from husband Tom Girardi back in November of 2020.  The couple was accused of embezzling large chunks of money from their clients. Tom and his firm Girardi Keese are allegedly sued for misusing the funds of the business firm for years and as per the reports, $25 million were given illegally to Erika Jayne for her personal use.

The reality TV star was disgusted by the comments made by people on her personal life. She shared her GIF from the past season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which stated “go be offended at your own life.” Along with the gif she exclaimed, “still rings true!”

Jayne posted a separate tweet in which she slammed the suggestion of hiring a separate crisis management team as she has a lot of money to waste.  Another social media user called her “her own worst enemy.” She immediately replied “relax, I’m trolling. It’s not that deep.”

Erika Jayne had previously claimed that she had no idea about her husband’s wrongdoing and that she left him before he got deep into trouble.

“Nobody wants to be in the position I’m in right now. It is really unenviable. Being the possible target of a federal criminal investigation is like, not cool. To have all those things said about you which are not true, and then to have everyone, basically, question everything. It’s lonely and it’s quiet and you would be shocked by how quickly people turn on you. How quickly people distance themselves from you. Automatically, they turn because they don’t want to be involved,” she said earlier in 2021 while refuting the allegations of misusing the company’s funds.