In the labyrinth of endless subscriptions and bills, it is easy to lose track of them and end up paying exorbitant sums of money. To deal with such situations, there are many financial apps that can help save you a lot of trouble, and one such app is Trim. Recently, Trim, a financial app, is gaining popularity because of what it entails and how it makes your life easier.

Trim App – At a Glance

Trim app or AskTrim was founded in 2015 with one goal to help people negotiate lower rates on the bills and cancel unused subscriptions. The app has so far assisted users in saving over $20 million. The app further helps you organize your financial goals and manage your money better. Their mission is to educate you better regarding financial matters, so you can stop any bad spending habits, get rid of pointless memberships, etc.

How Trim Works?

Trim functions much like personal finance apps or budgeting tools. You get the app, sign up, then link it to your account, and it begins to work its magic. However, something makes Trim shine a tad bit more than the regular finance apps. It works to help you improve your spending habits. It does so by cutting off unwanted subscriptions plus offering to negotiate bills. But why do you need an app for that? Well, Trim makes it very easy, so why not make use of its services? You don’t have to face any hassle, stress, and zero financial anxiety.


Seeing its constant growth, Trim started further improving its platform and introduced brand new features a while back. The new premium features are there to help you with your finances in a more holistic manner. Its latest features encompass debt services and a high-yield saving account with financial coaching.

Subscription Cancellation Made Easy with Trim

First off, understand that Trim functions like a bot that wades through your transactions to find any recurring transactions for subscriptions.

Some common subscriptions are Netflix, HBO, or even Hulu that you might have had for specific shows, but now they are over and your subscription is still going. Let’s be honest; some of us only wanted HBO for Game of Thrones, right? Next come gray charges, which are also recurring. These can be things like software, membership sites, or games. They start with trial periods and you often forget to cancel them.

Therefore, Trim understands subscription-based services can be a pain, so it cancels them:

  • Trim notices transactions from the linked credit card account.
  • The app assesses your transactions to check the recurrent ones.
  • It reveals your expenditures on those subscriptions.
  • You then choose whichever services you wish to cancel.
  • Trim will cancel them and keep you updated about the process.

Bill Negotiation

Trim further negotiates for lower rates for bills like internet or cable services. It charges you for this negotiation, but only if it succeeds in doing this for you.

Here is how Trim does it:

  • You submit your bill for negotiation and give the payment method.
  • The app contacts the bill holder for negotiation.
  • You receive a notification if Trim succeeds.
  • Three days later, Trim charges you a service fee.

Bottom Line

For those having trouble managing finances, apps like Trim can be lifesavers. You just need to understand how to work them properly. We hope this article helps you understand Trim, and you can save up more and improve your financial habits. Having good spending patterns will ease your life in many ways.