The governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo has authorized the expansion of the Clean Energy Standard.

In adherence to the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the New York State Public Service Commission is reevaluating its regulatory and procurement structure.

A program will be initiated to boost the use of renewable electricity from 50% to 70% as quickly as possible. Moreover, a goal to achieve a zero-emission power sector by 2040 has also been included.

In addition to this, the utilization of offshore wind would be increased by 6600 MW from 2030 to 2035.

The governor has stated that they need to take immediate action in the fight against Climate Change and need to refocus their policies to counter global warming.

He also believes that creating clean energy jobs in New York will lead to a faster economic recovery. Moreover, this program will also play a part in giving back to communities and disadvantaged workers.

He adds that the country has long been following unsustainable practices and is lagging behind in countering the effect of greenhouse gases.

Expansion of Clean Energy Standard authorized by Governor Cuomo to counter ClimateThe Chairman of PSC has spoken on the matter, saying that for this legislation to yield successful results, they will need renewable energy that is economical and built at a greater scale and a rapid pace.

NYSERDA is funding this initiative in response to the state’s appeal to the energy sector. They will be sponsoring clean energy development programs which will create more jobs as well as training initiatives.

In addition to the aforementioned goals, the PSC has also included numerous other objectives. This entails the preservation of the renewable baseline generation that already exists, aiming to follow the 70 x 30 goal.

Moreover, another aim is the inclusion of a renewable initiative that will value the environmental attributes of renewable energy. Additionally, there is great emphasis on making sure that marginalized communities such as low-income customers also receive considerable benefits.

Workforce development policies are another focus that aims to create good jobs while keeping in mind wage demands.

These efforts will result in the discovery of clean energy sources instead of relying on fossil fuels. This will also contribute to economic recovery in New York considering the after-effects of the global pandemic.