Travel fanatics are always asked about the beautiful and scenic places to be visited around the globe. Destination selection varies from individual to individual based on one’s interest but a site bearing historical architecture, ancient cities, beaches, warm and compassionate natives, and a good cuisine make it a perfectly balanced resort to be visited.

 Sicily IslandSicily, one of the tourist’s preferred sites to be visited is among the most enchanting cities of Italy. This city is nature’s perfect balance of beauty, adorned by human efforts in the form of majestic architectures, amazing small towns, and well-managed beaches.

The Charming Land Of Palmero

Palermo is an ancient city of Italy and usually the site from where tourists begin or end their journey. Its charm lies in its lively nightlife, historical buildings, and an international airport.

If you are in the city, then there are a few sites that you must visit including the UNESCO World Heritage site- a Byzantine cathedral, embossed with golden artwork alongside the walls that is for sure a captivating and breathtaking sight for the art lover.

Colorful carts embellished with vibrant hues of paint depict tales from Sicilian history. These carts are often utilized in religious processions and one is blessed to have a sight of the ceremony taking place if any is happening during the visit.

The fashion industry and variety of cuisines add to the list that makes Sicily the most preferred tourist destination. Ranging from deep-sea creatures to vegan food everything is available for the foodies to say yes to this place.

Air travel to Sicily may have its charm but the road trip via car to discover the city is worth mentioning here. The scenic island can be visited in seven days and require a lot more time and energy to completely absorb into its native lifestyle.

Erice And Cefalu Will Leave You Star-struck

Erice is an ancient hill town located at the Sicilian sea shoreline with a magnificent cliff hovering over the valley. A Roman poet did justice with its beauty by giving a special mention to it in his poem “The Aeneid”.

Cefalu, a beautiful city whose history dates back to 4th century BC, is a small city having amazing shops and restaurants that become an attractive tourist resort while exploring the city. Cefalu is unique in that it holds another UNESCO world heritage site- a Cefalu cathedral with amazing architecture preserved over the years.

A sweet tooth would be cherished by the amazing assortment of confectionaries and desserts that are offered by the rich culture of this city. The best example is Cannoli that is a perfect blend of Ricotta cheese, lemon and sugar enrolled in a fried pastry cover.

A Place You Must Add To Your List

The exceptionally beautiful sunsets, beaches, cultural heritage sites, artworks, infinite photo capturing moments, delicious food, small lively towns, and a never-ending list of things make this city so attractive from the tourist point of view.