Stargazing would be interesting this year as it brings three perigee full moons, an additional full moon, and several shooting stars. But the fun does not end here. It also brings many exciting eclipses and many rocket launching events.

Some of the most anticipated events of the year 2019 are mentioned below.

A solar eclipse would welcome the New Year by making an appearance on the 6th of January. It will only be seen in northeastern Asia and the north pacific region.

This will be followed closely by the obstruction of the moon in America. It would be a spectacular show where Earth, the moon, and the sun would align and present a dazzling red moon. During this time, the moon would be nearest to Earth and will appear larger than usual and more illuminating. 

Amongst many shooting star incidents that are expected to happen this year, the one many are eagerly waiting for is the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. A famous meteor crossed our planet in 1986 but the what it left in the space behind lights up the skies every year. 


A full moon would appear a couple of days prior to the meteor show so it would appear even more spectacular on the backdrop of a dark sky. As many as 20 to 40 meters would appear for over an hour. 

In July, one can expect a total obscuring of the sun without it being visible in the late afternoon over the southern part of Europe.

As 2019 started with a solar eclipse so a lunar one making its way to mark the half of the year is only going to make it more amazing. On the 16th of July, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America would be the audience of this lunar eclipse.

The second and smallest planet of our solar system, Mercury, would also be passing in front of the sun and would be seen on Earth on the 11th of November, according to reports from NASA. A small black dot would be crossing the surface of the sun.

Just like the beginning of 2019, its end would be marked by a solar eclipse too.