Earlier today, Facebook and Instagram users across the globe reported that their apps are not working properly. It seems a cross-platform issue, however, there is no reply as of yet from the Mark-Zuckerberg-owned social platforms.

Many users are saying that they are unable to use the messenger for sending and receiving messages properly. They are facing hindrance to connecting with the server. Moreover, some users have also reported that they are unable to login into their accounts on both platforms.

Facebook and Instagram Services are Down Apart from facing problems in sending and receiving DMs, people are also unable to load stories. The problem was first reported in Europe and Japan initially, but within a few hours, it spread across the globe and mainly Asian countries are facing such issues.

However, there is no response from the management yet. As of now, the number of complaints is growing. Furthermore, there are a few websites where people can be noticed complaining about social media platforms, which proves that it has become a global issue.

All in all, people are waiting for a reply from the management as to when will the issue be resolved. Apart from this, people are continuously active on Twitter and tweeting their concerns about the social media platform.