Facebook has always been in the news for one issue or another and the tech giant is especially in the news currently due to its privacy issues.

It is mostly assumed that Facebook can make or break anyone’s image as it gives human beings access to connect with people and understand them. The application has great influence on the people which makes it a vital tool during elections.

In the U.S elections, candidates are looking for every little form of support. It came as a surprise to Trump supporters when Facebook removed a Donald Trump support page made by a New Jersey woman. The private group was removed without any warning or explanation.

After Facebook removed the page, the US President expressed his great displeasure. He asked Facebook to restore the page, and he also quoted an article regarding the entire story.

Facebook Calls it ‘Enforcement Error’ after Blacklisting of ‘NJ Women for Trump’ GroupAfter the President’s statement, Facebook quickly restored the page of the women. It further gave out a statement and called it an error.

Trump accepted the explanation and thanked Facebook for its quick service. According to the Facebook support page co-director Priscilla Confrey, the social media application had too much influence over people. She also added that the group had so much power and any page can easily gain popularity among the public.

Later on, the woman also posted on her Facebook and thanked Facebook for restoring her page.