You may have seen many people on Facebook who lock keep their accounts private so that no one could see their provided information. The personal information or data of a person on Facebook includes the friends added on Facebook, his pictures, location, education detail, and many more. We know that when a person keeps his Facebook account, other people who are not friends can see the profile picture.

It means that even if your account is private or public, the public can see your profile picture i.e. it is in a public setting and can be viewed by anyone. To avoid this situation, many people lock their profiles on Facebook. When a person locks his profile on Facebook, the public cannot view his profile picture or any other information.

If you are interested in viewing the profile of those people who have a private account, private pictures, or have locked their profile, you can use a Facebook private profile viewer. The easiest way is to send a request to the other person to become friends and make their profile visible to you. But if you want to do it confidentially, you can download different tools of use different methods for this purpose.

Let us discuss how you can view private profiles on Facebook.

Get into Friends Circle

If you want to view the profile of a person on Facebook but he has a private account, it would be best if you send a request to that person. When he accepts your friend request, his profile becomes visible to you and you can check all his available information such as his detail of education, pictures, the city where he lives, etc. All this information is displayed if the user has provided it to Facebook.

But if you are hesitating in sending a request to that person or you think that the other person will not accept your request, you can get into his friend circle. It means that you can add any of his friends to your Facebook ID. It is because some people set their profile setting to friends of friends. So, it will be easy for you to have access to the profile picture of that person.

In this way, you can also check all the tagged photos that have been shared by that person with his friends. Moreover, you will be able to see the photos of the person you are stalking that are shared by that person’s friend whom you have added on Facebook. It would be best if you add four to five friends of that person whom you are stalking.

Use PictureMate

Do you know about PictureMate and its usage? No? Don’t worry, we are here for you to tell you about it. PictureMate is a free extension that can be added to Google Chrome where it plays a vital role in viewing the profile picture of anyone on Facebook. Using this extension does not make it necessary for adding that person on Facebook whose profile picture you want to see.

We can say that PictureMate is a great tool that can be used to view the profile pictures of people having a private account. You can also view the profile pictures in which the person you are stalking is tagged. Let us tell you that this extension might not sometimes work according to your requirements but it is worth using and helpful many times.

You must be thinking about how to use this tool. Let us tell you that for using this extension, first, you need to visit the website of PictureMate and add this extension to your browser. Then you have to restart your Google Chrome after the installation of this extension. After restarting your browser, you will notice this extension at the top corner of your screen.

Next, you need to open your Facebook ID on the web browser. Open the profile of the person whose profile picture you want to see. Now, you can see that the picture of that private account is easily visible to you. You can see all the pictures posted by that user and all the pictures in which that user is tagged. It can be made possible only due to the extension of PictureMate. Thus, it acts as a Facebook private profile viewer.

The Technique of Profile Address Link

If you want to view a private Facebook profile picture but you do not want to add that person, it means you want to stalk that person without letting him know about it. You must be wondering how you can view the profile picture of such a person using your mobile phone easily.

Let us tell you that if you do not want to use a web browser for this purpose, you need to open Facebook on your mobile phone. After logging in to your ID, the next step is to go to the profile of the person you want to see private pictures of.

When you visit that person’s profile, you need to take the username of that person from his profile address link. Then, you need to replace the username of that person with yours in the link as

When you are done with replacing the user name, you will see the final address will look like the one mentioned above. Make sure this technique only acts as a Facebook profile viewer but if the user has posted some pictures with the privacy setting of private, you would not be able to see them.

Use FB Spy Viewer Tool

The name of this tool represents its working that this tool is majorly used for spying on someone so that you could stalk someone with whom you are not a friend on Facebook. If you are unable to see what the other person is sharing who is not friends with you, you can use a FB spy viewer tool that makes all the posts of that person visible to you.

You can check the newsfeed of a person without adding him or any of his friends on Facebook. We can say it is like a special and unique add-on for Facebook. The spy tool is considered one of the fastest and easiest tools or ways that can be used for accessing a private profile on Facebook. It is all possible with just one click.

If someone has locked his profile on Facebook, you can use the FB spy tool to see his profile and everything he shares on his profile. It may include random posts, memes, videos, or personal pictures. You can easily come to know about what others are sharing on social media by privately checking their profiles without letting them know.

Private Facebook Viewer by iStaunch

Let us tell you that Private Facebook Viewer by iStaunch is a tool that can let you view the profile of a person with a private account on Facebook. Using this tool lets you view the videos and pictures of a private Facebook account. You must be thinking of how to use this tool. You do not need to worry when we are here to guide you.

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You just need to enter the Facebook profile link of the person whose profile you want to check and submit. You can also submit the username of that person. Next, you will see that the videos and pictures shared by that user are being displayed to you without even adding that person to your Facebook ID.

To use this tool, first, you need to open it on your iPhone or Apple device. Then, you need to copy the profile link of that person or enter his username. You will see that you are being asked to enter a captcha for verification.

After submitting the captcha, the next step to perform is to tap on the submit button. When you are done with this step, you will see that the profile of that person with the private account is displayed to you. You can see his newsfeed and the pictures and videos available there without being a friend of him.

Become a Fake Friend

Many people want to stalk a person and want to become friends with the other person but he knows that the other person will not add him as a friend. In this situation, people use the technique of becoming fake friends. It can only be done by creating a fake friend on Facebook.

We know that it is not difficult to create a fake Facebook account as there are many people out there with fake IDs. If you do not want to use any spy tool or add an extension to your browser, you can use this simple technique.

Make sure you create a fake ID like the other person could not detect that it is a fake ID. You should share your information like it is your official ID but it is not necessary to provide your personal information. This information can also be fake but not detectable. So, when the other person with a private account accepts your request from a fake ID, you can see his profile.


Why do people want to see private Facebook profiles?

People who are fond of stalking are more likely to see private profiles of people on Facebook.

How can you see a private Facebook account profile picture?

You can use a profile picture viewer or a spy tool to see a private Facebook profile picture.

Which is the easiest method to see a private Facebook profile?

The easiest way to see a private Facebook profile is to add the other person on Facebook.


This guide has provided you with information about different methods that can be used for viewing the profiles of private accounts. This information is for the stalkers that could use different tools and techniques to stalk others without letting them know.