Facebook in the past has failed to keep integrity. The spread of negativity and hate on this public forum has always been somewhat easy.

After the death of George Floyd, there have been heated discussions going on every public forum.

Facebook is facing a huge advertising boycott. It is something that the company has never experienced in history. A swelling number of advertisers have signed up for the #StopHateForProfit campaign.

They are protesting against Facebook due to the company’s failure to stop the spread of racism and hatred.

Some of the key sponsors which include VZ (Verizon), UL (Unilever), and SBUX (Starbucks) are now taking off their ads from Facebook.

However, Nick Clegg, the VP (Vice President for Public Affairs) did not give any statement on the boycott.

Clegg evaded an inquiry regarding how harming the dissent has been for Facebook, contending rather that a Social Media mammoth such as FB doesn’t profit by the expansion of hatred on its platform.

He said that we have no reason to bear the spread of hatred. The FB officials don’t like the hate speech the users and sponsors also don’t like it. FB has always benefited from positive human behavior and never encouraged hatred.

Clegg focused on the endeavors Facebook makes to battle the spread of hate on the platform. He said that the company takes action against the hate speech even before it’s reported.

no hate speech on Facebook

They remove about 3 million hate speech posts every month around the world. 91% of the hate-content is removed before its being reported.

Due to current circumstances, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg declared a new extended policy on the hateful content on Friday.

That policy includes restricting promotions that substitute minorities, immigrants, refuge searchers, racial or various other groups that are dangerous.

FB, however, is going to apply labels of warnings to the posts of millions of users who post any content which would violate the rules of new company policies.

Facebook has declared the policy yet this policy is still not good enough for the sponsors to come back to the forum.

HSY (Hershey’s) also joined the boycott saying that they do not believe that Facebook is adequately managing the violent posts and disruptive speeches on their platform.

One of the largest sponsors of the FB, Starbucks, did not unequivocally refer to the #StopHateForProfit, although they stated that the FB should make their platform more welcoming and all-inclusive of the communities.

Also, if they need to bring effective change then the Facebook officials and the advertisers need to join forces.