The whole world is dealing with the unfortunate effects of the coronavirus, whereas it does not seem to get over anytime soon. With the start of the second wave, the Covid-19 vaccines are also in the final stages of preparation.

There is false and irrational news regarding the coronavirus and its vaccine that can create harmful circumstances. According to the president of a global humanitarian aid group, the misinformation about the vaccine and the virus can wash away the crucial efforts made previously.

According to Francesco Rocca, the governmental sectors and concerned authorities should work on reducing the ignorance and misinformation regarding the virus vaccination. Furthermore, he mentioned that it is necessary to end the sense of mistrust from people for complete eradication of the virus.

The development and final stages of the vaccine production for Covid-19 are ought to bring reassurance and relief, amidst these difficult times. Now it is up to the governmental organizations how they instill trust among the communities.

Fake News and False information about Covid-19 VaccineThe reluctance towards the acceptance and usage of the Covid-19 vaccine is spreading all around the world. According to the reports, there has been a decline in vaccines recorded in around 67 different countries.

Several health reports clearly show that this public mistrust has resulted in a rapid expansion of the virus. People refused to accept the existence of the virus hence they never took any preventive measures.

The president of the health association further mentioned that the actual problem is not only the denial of people, rather the people who are not even aware of this virus.

Pakistan is one of those ignorant countries where around 10% of the survey respondents were not even aware of the coronavirus. Such countries where people live in areas that do not have the mainstream mediums of information are more likely to get affected.

It is crucial for the governmental authorities of countries around the world that they provide all sorts of factual and explanatory information to the masses so that people become aware of the virus.

Vaccine production will start soon. The authorities need to remove the misinformation or false aspects from the public. A recent report by some British scientists mentioned that the UK might not be able to get rid of the virus, since there are so much ignorance and mistrust among the public regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.