President-elect Joe Biden will not get the services of the agents who had served under the Trump Administration because of their loyalty to the out-going Trump. The Secret Service for Joe Biden will be made up of familiar faces to avoid any political connection to Trump.

Staffing changes and the White House security will also be entailed in this category to recruit familiar faces. Some of the most senior Secret Service agents are joyous to come back for the protection of Joe Biden as the president.

Selecting the staff members for the President-elect is a big concern as some of the officers have sheer loyalty to Donald Trump only. This kind of behavior which shows politicization is unacceptable in a Secret Service.

The changes will not only bring a level of sophistication to the job but will also revolve around comfort and trust.

There were instances when officers on the president’s security team asked their fellows to remove their face masks. One of the former members of the security team, Anthony Ornato who is being relieved of his duties as the Secret Service agent. He will resume his new role as deputy chief of staff at the White House.

Joe Biden defeated Trump in the Presidential elections of 2020 and will now become the new president of the United States. The transition process has already begun.

Joe Biden’s New Secret Service Team Changes amid loyalty concernsJoe Biden has served as vice president of the United States and he is looking forward to be working with the same agents who served him then.

The Secret Service has been providing security to Joe Biden ever since he started campaigning for the presidency. Although this has been denied by the Secret Service, the sources say otherwise.

As a former vice-president of the United States, Biden was provided with security for six months after leaving office. But there were formal requests on his part to get the security from the Secret Service as one-time protestors rushed on stage.

The people who have reportedly shown their support to Donald Trump will not be part of Biden’s security.