Trump and his allies are continuing to propagate conspiracy theories and misinformation even two weeks after the election.

Many of the far-right TV channels are airing shows in support of Trump’s allegations of voter fraud. Newsmax is trying to convince people that the election is not over yet and that the mainstream media is reporting wrong information.

The CEO of the channel has stated that they will only accept the results of the elections when it is certified. The number of people watching the show has risen from 100,000 before the election to more than 700,000 currently.

The host of the show believes Biden will not end up being president because the election results are still under review and he continues to claim that the election isn’t over yet.

He has also questioned why Trump’s tweets are being flagged on Twitter whereas Biden’s are not. Twitter’s election policy includes flagging every tweet that goes against what the official sources have announced.

There was also a banner that claimed MSM was accusing Trump of lying even though many news outlets are countering his lies to report actual authentic news. The host also gave hope to the viewers that breaking news is soon to come.

Voter fraud AllegationsHe invited Trump’s lawyers and strategist on his show recently. He claimed that these were some of the best lawyers in the country working to make sure Trump succeeds in proving his allegations.

The strategist told people that he believes that the election was stolen. The host chimes in agreement reiterating his thoughts that breaking news is on the way very soon.

In reality many of his lawyers are quitting. Three lawyers withdrew from the Pennsylvania election case before the court hearing.

Not only this, but a huge county in Michigan voted to certify their area’s results after local citizens were given the floor. This county contains Detroit, and therefore brings with it a huge swing in Biden’s favor for the state.

The show also invited Roger Stone who was previously convicted for lying to protect Trump. He claims that it’s very obvious that Trump is one who won the majority of the legal votes.

The “news” channel One America News has been supported by Trump time and time again, however, they are not as active in encouraging Trump’s lies as Newsmax. Some of the hosts are now focusing on attacking Biden’s transition team.

Many people questioned if the far-right Tucker show on Fox News is coming to an end. However, the host, Tucker Carlson, has reported that they are in the works of increasing their reporting and analysis.