The United States has successfully administered the coronavirus vaccine to almost four million people. After a slow start to the vaccination drive – this surge in getting so many people vaccinated in record time – has led Dr. Anthony Fauci to see a glimmer of hope at the end of the long journey.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci has also appreciated President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to dispense 100 million vaccines in 100 days after his inauguration. Fauci believes that with the current progress in focus, America will achieve its goal of vaccinating a sizeable percentage of the population by the year-end.

Moreover, he has also given a strong rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s tweet where he was propagating false information regarding the data on active COVID-19 cases and number of deaths. Dr, Fauci holds the opinion that if you visit hospitals and the intensive care units and observe the number of patients, and deaths occurring there, you will know the data is accurate.

According to John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the US has recorded the highest number of people that have succumbed to the coronavirus with the death toll touching the 350,000 marks in no time.

Many states have imposed lockdowns because of the current situation – as coronavirus-induced deaths are approaching record high numbers, and funeral homes are overwhelmed with the dead.

In an interview with CBS, the mayor of Los Angeles has acknowledged that because of the news of the availability of the vaccine, people have become relaxed and careless again which has led to a surge of coronavirus infections in the state.

According to experts, the data pertaining to the number of infections and deaths in the US might not be accurate because not enough tests are being carried out to report the actual number which is speculated to be higher.

The US has provided 1.5 million vaccinations in 72 hours, 500,000 per day, which indicates an increase in the number of vaccinations administered. Fauci admits this as a sign of hope.

Dr. Fauci knows that the goal to reach 20 million vaccines by December-end is a long shot; however, he says that a few mistakes are only natural, but he believes the pace will quicken by January-end, and the US will be able to vaccinate 1 million corona patients per day.