The FBI has released a new video of a person who is suspected to have planted bombs, the night before the riots took place at the Capitol in January. The videos were released on Tuesday, and the FBI has sought help to identify the suspect.

The bombs were handmade pipe bombs that could have been lethal if they had detonated during the riots. They were powerful bombs that would have caused serious injuries or deaths if they had exploded while the rowdy crowd marched towards the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

The video shows a person walking around the neighborhood sporting a grey hoodie and mask while carrying a backpack. A very distinctive attribute of the person was his footwear which is not very common. He was seen wearing Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes.

He can be seen walking just a few miles away from the Capitol and checks his backpack again and again in a suspicious way. The same person can also be seen sitting on a park bench and walking towards a nearby alley.

He planted two pipe bombs on different locations. All of these items were intact when the devices were discovered.

The bombs were planted outside the Republican and Democratic National Committees’ offices. Both of these buildings are mere blocks away from the Capitol building.

According to Steven Sund, former chief of Capitol Police, it is believed that the bombs were planted to divert the attention of the Capitol Police on that fateful day. If they had detonated it would have caused chaos around the Capitol building and the rioters would have created havoc.

In the video, the suspected person is seen taking something from the vehicles which were parked nearby. The whole exercise was carried out between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm ET on January 5.

The FBI has announced prize money of $100,000 for the suspected person’s identification, or any kind of information which may lead to his arrest. The Assistant Director of FBI’s Washington Field Office has asked the public to help in identifying the individual seen in the video. The arrest will help the Capitol Building Carnage investigation move forward.