According to reports, the White House chief of staff Mark Meadows threatened the FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn with firing if he does not allow emergency authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Hahn, however, disputed this claim, explaining that the vaccine was authorized because it had considerable scientific backing and data to suggest it was ready for distribution, not because he was pressurized to do so by someone else.

President Trump recently announced in a tweet that he will not allow the Biden administration to be responsible for the distribution of the vaccine because they will take credit for what he believes is a medical miracle.

Health and Human Services Secretary said in an interview that the vaccine needed to be authorized as soon as possible which prompted Trump to criticize the FDA, calling them a slow turtle. He also attacked Hahn in his tweet, telling him to stop playing games and focus on saving lives instead.

Previously, Trump has been consistently pressuring the FDA to authorize any treatment for the coronavirus, even when the vaccines had not been fully developed and announced to be effective. Trump also wanted the vaccines to finish development and to begin being distributed before Election Day, which was not possible.

After the announcement by Pfizer, Trump continued to boast about Operation Warp Speed, his vaccine effort, and claimed that officials from all over the world have been calling him to congratulate him for this milestone. He has been taking credit for all of the work that scientists have done in developing the vaccine in such a short amount of time.

FDA Commissioner Stephen HahnThe president was also silent when the UK became the first country to authorize a coronavirus vaccine. After this news, it was reported that Mark Meadows called Hahn for another meeting.

According to reports, the United States had also made the mistake of refusing to buy extra doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. This Trump administration had promised to purchase 100 million doses which would be enough to vaccinate 50 million people because the treatment requires two doses. A senior administration official has claimed that they denied the chance to purchase hundreds of more vaccines.

However, the White House stated that these reports were not true, even though when the administration announced that they had entered into a contract with Pfizer, they mentioned that the company offered that the US purchase extra 500 million doses of the vaccine.