Three months after the FedEx facility shooter went on a killing rampage, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has finally made a breakthrough in the case.  The official team has concluded the motive of the case is no less than an “act of suicidal murder.”

At a press conference on Wednesday, FBI Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge Paul Keenan said the shooter chose to commit suicide in a manner that would “demonstrate his masculinity and capability of fulfilling a final desire to experience killing people.”

The incident occurred in April when Brandon Scott Hole opened fire in the FedEx facility outside of Indianapolis. Hole was allegedly “indiscriminate” with the people he shot both inside and outside the facility.

According to Keenan, the FedEx facility mass shooter was outside only for three minutes, after which he walked into the locker room and took his own life.

Keenan added that the shooter had remained perturbed for months before the actual event occurred. John Childress, who serves the role of the Acting U.S Attorney General affirmed that the FedEx facility mass shooter was “exacerbated by mental health issues.”

While the Behavior Analysis Unit confirmed that the shooting was an act of masculinity, it declared that Hole was not interested in the “advance of ideology.” Upon extensive investigation, officials found nearly 200 files of the German military and German Nazi things on his computer.

However, the team did not find any substantial evidence to conclude the shooting as a manifestation of hate for a particular community. Additionally, Hole is suspected to have carried the attack at the FedEx facility only because he knew the place well. He had worked at the organization from August to October 2020.

Other police officials also said that Hole’s mother had reported him to the IMPD in March 2020, saying he may be planning suicide. Soon after, the police department seized a shotgun belonging to him.

Although Hole never got a hold of the confiscated shotgun, he bought other firearms later, confirmed Craig McCartt, deputy chief of investigations for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. As far as Hole’s job at FedEx is concerned, he was fired due to his inability to show up at work on time.