A frustrated car owner has pledged to sue a parking company after receiving a fee for parking in her own spot.

Laura Armstrong, 32, was fined £100 on July 19 for parking in her allocated space in a gated underground car park at her Worcester apartment building.

She believed that if she explained that her permit had fallen from her dashboard and that she had her legal right to park her car there, the fee would be rescinded.

However, Parking Control Management Ltd, the company that manages the car park, has refused to back down and has demanded Laura pay up since the permit was not properly displayed.

She is willing to fight them in court if she thinks their stance is not fair.

Laura Armstrong, who works in marketing, explained that her permit fell off my dashboard unintentionally, and when she went down to her vehicle the following morning, she saw a £100 penalty.”

Laura Armstrong assumed that after she demonstrated that she was the owner of the flat to which the parking spot is connected, the fee would be rescinded.

They returned and said that the event would not be canceled. She says that she contacted the company that manages the flat, but they were also uninterested.

Laura says that it makes no difference to them whether you can demonstrate that you are legally permitted to park there and, according to her, it sounds insane.

She added that she was occupying the area allotted to her and was not creating an impediment or anything of the like.

According to her, it appears that they’re trying to penalize locals rather than safeguard legitimate permit holders which is not right.

Laura said that other neighbors who park their vehicles in the same location have experienced the same thing.

She shared that some folks have suggested that she should simply pay and let it go. However, she is opposed to giving them any money.

Laura says that if it gets that far, then she will be going to court. She is outraged that this is permitted, and if they continue to back down, she will seek legal counsel from an attorney.