Health officials from California have reported a decline in the number of children receiving vaccinations. This has worried the health officials since the decline poses a risk to public health during the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Mark Ghaly, the Director of Health and Human Service, a significant decrease has been reported in children under the age of 18. This is taking a turn for the worse since the vaccination graph has dropped about one-third in comparison to last year.

The vaccination among children has dropped to an alarming extent due to the stay-at-home orders reinforced by the state. The restrictions had become less stringent during May/June but the recent spikes in COVID-19 cases renewed the strict response.

Mark Ghaly added that they now hope to have an increased number of vaccinations as more pediatric and family clinics open their services.

Stay-at-home orders forcing parents to skip vaccination for 2020 flu seasonWith the Coronavirus situation still going, many people are still cautious regarding visiting health clinics. In a news conference, Mark Ghaly said that he perfectly understood the concerns and risks associated with the pandemic. However, he insisted that caregivers and parents should schedule appointments for multiple vaccinations.

Health officials across the country have urged the public for increased vaccination doses amid fears of the upcoming flu season. Any relaxation in vaccination dosage may have a devastating impact on the exhausted health care system during Covid-19.

Public health workers from all over the world share the same concerns. Decreased vaccinations, flu season, along with Covid-19 could potentially damage not only the health care system but also the health of the individuals.

Considering the risks, Ghaly highlighted the significance of flu vaccination for children. Mark Ghaly isn’t wrong since 2017-18 seasonal flu-infected around 5.6 million people in California alone. These high numbers lead to over 7,500 deaths and 100,000 hospitalizations.