The First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden had some harmless fun with her staff and few press reporters when she pranked them for April Fools’ Day by impersonating them as a flight attendant named “Jasmine”.

Dr. Jill Biden was coming back to Washington D.C. from California, after giving a speech to the United Farm Workers. She also visited a vaccination site for coronavirus in Forty Acres.

Biden sported a black wig along with the trademark black suit pants – the particular attire of the air hostess on the executive One Foxtrot which is the First Lady’s plane.

According to reports, she walked around the plane and mingled with staffers and Secret Service Agents. She also distributed Dove ice cream bars among the attendees on the plane. After five minutes, she came back to the cabin without her wig, revealing her true identity.

The staff and reporters were taken aback by surprise. Jill Biden’s personal staff members Michael LaRosa and Anthony Bernal were beyond shock when Jasmine revealed who she really was.

Dr. Jill Biden was very happy with the outcome of her prank and enjoyed her time during the flight.

The First Lady is a fun-loving person and she loves to play pranks. She wrote in her memoir, how she pranked her husband when he was the Vice President of America. She pranked him in 2014 when she hid in Air Force Two’s overhead cabin and surprised him when he was looking forward to taking the luggage out.