A North Caroline guy was surprised when he had captured a fish with human-like teeth.

South Mills Nathan Martin went on Monday to the Pier Jennette with the aim to fish a sheepskin fish, a renowned fishing area. He caught one and was amazed that the fish seemed to smile at him when he carried in the fish with a “mouthful of teeth.”

Martin described his meeting with dental fish and said that it was using the bait of sand fleas. He said that it’s a great fighter when you fight, a wonderful catch, and it tastes amazing. He added that he’d be putting the sheepskin on his wall. “It’s a huge struggle.

The images became viral and many people responded in amazement beneath the posting after seeing pictures of the creature.

Facebook users shared their astonishment in assorted ways and called the fish to have the weirdest teeth.

Another person joked that the teeth of the fish were better than his.

The Marine Fisheries Division of North Carolina said that the fish has clearly defined and prominence of teeth with incisors, molars, and spherical smears that enable shellfish and sea urchins to be crushed. They weigh between 5 and 15 pounds.

The five or six vertical black lines on their sides and strong, sharp fine spines are also recognized for Sheepshead fish.