Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, on Monday suspended all COVID-19 emergency mandates across the state effective July 1. DeSantis issued an executive order to dismantle all coronavirus emergency measures including mask mandates, capping on business hours and closing down of schools.

The Republican Governor argued how the future is still uncertain, but the removal of COVID emergency measures “creates a structure that’s going to be a little bit more respectful” in terms of people having the freedom to go about their daily lives, business operating efficiently and schools running in full swing.

Several communities of the state had either lifted or imposed restrictions on their own. Miami-Dade County, Florida had issued an order where residents had to wear masks indoor and outdoor as well; if people cannot maintain social distance. With DeSantis’ law coming into play, these rules are not going to be effective from now on. However, private businesses can impose COVID emergency measures on their own.

DeSantis had urged people to get vaccinated, but he has become famous for his stark views against the use of masks and other measures that had been suggested by the health officials. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman was quick to criticize the work of the Republican Governor, suggesting that the credit behind a lower death rate goes to local governments. He even took to Twitter to comment on the lack of seriousness shown by DeSantis, asking the public about the number of lives that would have been lost if each city had been led by DeSantis.

As far as statistics are concerned, more than 2.2 million residents in Florida have been infected with the virus. Even though total deaths have surpassed 35000, the death toll rate of the state is far better than other states in the US.  However, the disease is far from gone. Just as DeSantis abolished coronavirus emergency measures on Monday, 3,100 Floridians were admitted to the hospital due to the virus.