According to authorities, a Florida man who reportedly stood by and watched as a lady died of a fentanyl overdose before loading his vehicle with electronic items from her residence is facing charges of first-degree murder and other counts.

Kyle Austin Pollett, 26, is accused of murdering Lauren Jaffe with a lethal amount of fentanyl on Jan. 20 and then destroying her home security system.

The grand jury’s indictment was revealed by the office of State Attorney Melissa Nelson on Thursday. Possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering, armed burglary, selling fentanyl, and possession of cocaine are among the other allegations brought against him.

According to court filings, he tried CPR on Jaffe after she went unconscious but abandoned his attempts before taking her television, computer, and phone, as well as entering into her house and destroying multiple security cameras. According to authorities, he did not call for aid or report Jaffe’s medical emergency at any stage throughout the incident.

However, according to Florida police, as he was reportedly breaking cameras, they were simultaneously filming him in and out of the residence.

Pollett is accused of entering Jaffe’s home while she was unconscious and loading her computer into his vehicle, then returning wearing a mask with a hammer.

“Pollett is seen walking to the front door and noticing the Ring doorbell camera,” according to court filings. “Pollett then turns away and puts a mask on his face and walks to the front door.”

In addition to smashing the first camera with a hammer and throwing another underwater, he reportedly stuffed a third camera into the freezer, but authorities were unable to locate that one, according to the report.

Jaffe’s roommate used a tracking application to track the last location of her phone before it was switched. According to officials, the woman was declared dead the same day at the hospital about 11 a.m.

The victim’s roommate told Fox News Digital that she didn’t know Pollett, but she suspected that he could have been acquainted with the victim.