Floyd Mayweather is all set to face Logan Paul in a much-awaited battle on June 6. He was promoting the upcoming duel at a Miami press conference when the 44-year-old boxer got into a tiff with the younger Paul brother.

Jake Paul the man who rose to fame by stirring YouTube controversies was seen at the promotional news conference in support of his actor-turned boxer brother. After Mayweather promised to defeat Paul at Hard Rock Stadium, he pointed out to the sibling duo in the crowd and referred to them as “fake fighters.”

The snide remark didn’t sit too well with Logan who rebutted by saying “the only thing that’s fake on this stage is Floyd’s hairline.” The brothers also went on to mock the boxer’s age among other things, but Floyd Mayweather remained nonchalant. With perfect conviction, the undefeated boxer vowed to knock them down with force.

Amidst the verbal throws, Jake Paul decided to demand his own fight with Mayweather. He took the fight up a notch and swiped Mayweather’s hat right off his head, sparking a brawl that was covered by the multiple cameras and smartphones in the area.

Paul looked unabashedly thrilled as he taunted Mayweather by blatantly saying “Gotcha hat!” in front of the people. This act on part of Paul did not impress Floyd Mayweather who was visibly furious beyond measure.

“Don’t disrespect me!” yelled Mayweather as security officials pulled the two apart and tried to diffuse the tension. The scene became utterly chaotic as Paul tried to fight back against the officials in an effort to respond to Floyd Mayweather. Enraged and taken aback by the sudden face-off, the 44-year-old boxer was seen muttering a set of expletives incessantly, stating he’d kill Paul for his childish antics.

The face-to-face encounter did not prove to be sufficient for Paul, who then took to Instagram to post a video of the entire melee. In an attempt to mock the work of Floyd Mayweather, he also posted a series of trolls against the boxer on Twitter, citing that he had planned this move in advance.  Although Paul was successful in his attempt to annoy Floyd Mayweather, he was left with a black eye that was given to him by one of Mayweather’s guards.